It has been pointed out that accounts that spread misinformation on X (formerly Twitter) also receive advertising revenue from X Premium.

According to an investigation by the misinformation monitoring group

NewsGuard , accounts that spread conspiratorial misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war are also subject to X Premium 's advertising revenue sharing program.

Brand Danger: X and Misinformation Super-spreaders Share Ad Money from False Claims About the Israel-Hamas War - Misinformation Monitor: November 2023 - NewsGuard

Some X 'misinformation super-spreaders' may be eligible for ads payouts - The Verge

NewsGuard tracked advertisements displayed alongside 30 pieces of ``conspiracy misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war'' posted on X from November 13 to 22, 2023. In total, ``conspiracy-based misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war'' has been viewed more than 92 million times. In addition, ``conspiracy-like misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war'' was posted by X accounts (10), each with more than 100,000 followers, and these are classified by NewsGuard as ``super spreaders of misinformation.'' It was an account that did.

The following is an example of 'conspiracy-based misinformation regarding the Israel-Hamas war.' The post falsely claims that the image was generated by AI. And below this post is a Pizza Hut ad post, indicating that they are eligible for the X Premium ad revenue program. According to a NewsGuard study, the ad posts posted under 'conspiracy misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war' included '200 ads from 86 major brands, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governments.' It seems that it was.

One specific example of ``conspiracy-based misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war'' is a post claiming that ``a conservative podcaster shared an AI-generated photo of a child killed by Hamas.'' Despite this being clearly false information, it has been viewed more than 22.4 million times without any community notes being added.

Veena McCoole, NewsGuard's vice president of communications, said the 'conspiracy misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war' 'contains some of the most egregious false or misleading claims about the Israel-Hamas war. 'This was previously debunked by NewsGuard in its misinformation database,' he told foreign media outlet The Verge.

NewsGuard's findings support reports questioning X's advertising on hate speech and false claims. X sued media watchdog Media Matters over reports that a major advertiser's content appeared below anti-Semitic posts.

X sues the media that claimed that ``X (formerly Twitter) displays advertisements from famous companies such as Apple on anti-Semitic posts,'' and although CEO Yaccarino denies the claim, evidence is quickly presented - GIGAZINE

In response to this report, large companies such as Apple and Disney have canceled advertising on X.

Apple, Disney, Warner, Paramount and others stop advertising on X (Twitter) in response to Elon Musk's anti-Semitic comments - GIGAZINE

by Daniel Oberhaus

By the way, before NewsGuard's investigative report is published, Share the data. They use reports like this to pressure companies to buy fact-checking services, which is more profitable than any basic model. 'We have not seen any data and will request all news organizations to provide data to support their claims before publishing,' he wrote, calling NewsGuard's investigative report a 'company of misinformation.' Criticism. He also criticized NewsGuard for not disclosing the information on which the report was based.

Therefore, NewsGuard publishes a list of posts that have been investigated. When The Verge contacted X about this, they only received an automatic reply saying, ``I'm busy at the moment, so please check again later.'' No clear answer was given.

In October 2023, Elon Musk stated that X Premium's ad revenue share will not be shared on posts that include corrections from the moderation tool Community Notes. X's advertising revenue distribution terms also state that if it is discovered that ``an act in violation of the contract by the X user'' is discovered, advertising revenue will not be paid. However, it is unclear whether this 'contract violation by user X' means a violation of X's terms of service or a violation of rules that span multiple pages.

Additionally, of the 30 pieces of 'conspiracy-theoretic misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war' investigated by NewsGuard, 15 had community notes attached, so they should be ineligible for ad revenue sharing, according to The Verge. points out.

In addition, advertisements posted under ``Conspiracy-theoretic misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war'' also include advertisements from government agencies such as the FBI and Taiwan's Ministry of Culture.

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