Tinder, the No. 1 dating app used by over 300 million people worldwide, has launched a paid plan that allows you to match with the 'most popular users' for over 70,000 yen per month.

According to

Business of Apps , which researches the app market, the total sales of the dating app (matching app) market in 2022 will be $4.94 billion (approximately 735 billion yen), and more than 300 million people around the world are using this type of app. Approximately 20 million people are using paid plans. ' Tinder ', the most installed of such dating apps, has announced a premium plan ' Tinder SELECT ' that can be used for $ 499 (approximately 74,000 yen) per month.

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The features of the premium plan Tinder SELECT announced by Tinder are as follows.

Direct Message (DM): You will be able to send a DM to someone up to twice a week without matching. DMs can be sent from the Sent Likes tab; super likes cannot be sent at the same time, and some users may have opted out of receiving DMs, so you may not receive them. that's right.
Priority Visibility: People who like you will see your profile unobscured in the Likes grid, even if they don't have a Gold or Platinum Tinder subscription. User profiles will also be prioritized in the Likes grid for 7 days.
Special Status: Show off your membership with a special select badge. If you're not interested in having this badge added to your profile, you can opt out of it in your settings.
Select Mode: See and be seen the profiles of the most popular people on Tinder, so you can enjoy better connections.
VIP Experience: Membership spots will be limited to less than 1% of users to ensure we deliver the best experience possible.
Early Access: Be the first to test out special new features in advance.

Tinder SELECT Membership – Tinder

Tinder SELECT is invitation-only at the time of article creation, and only the most active 1% of all users can receive invitations. Mark Van Ryswyk, Tinder's chief product officer, said: 'We know we have a very engaged and active group of users who prioritize more effective and efficient ways to find connections. 'That's why we've conducted extensive testing and feedback from our users over the past few months to develop an entirely new product.'

Users invited to Tinder SELECT must register five items in their profile: ``verified photo'', ``my background'', ``5 things I'm interested in'', ``at least 4 images'', and ``relationship I'm looking for in a date partner''. Must be listed. If you receive an invitation and your application is approved by the official, you will be able to add a special select badge to your profile. This can also be hidden like X (old Twitter).

Match Group, Tinder's parent company, acquired The League , an invitation-only dating app targeting 'ambitious, career-minded single men and women,' in July 2022. The user fee for The League is up to $ 1000 (approximately 149,000 yen).

The Verge points out, ``It is clear that the premium dating app The League was the inspiration for Tinder SELECT.'' However, since The League uses not only algorithms but also human mediation, we suspect that some subscribers may be willing to pay the hefty price of $1,000. On the other hand, Tinder has a fee structure that allows you to use Tinder SELECT in addition to the three existing paid plans consisting of $ 24.99 (about 3,700 yen) per month.

Gary Swidler, president of Match Group, said he expects Tinder SELECT, which costs $6,000 a year, will only attract 'a relatively small number of new spenders,' but that it will have a 'significant impact on Tinder's revenue.' It will have an impact.”

Tinder's parent company, Match Group, is adding more expensive subscription plans on Tinder to compete with premium plans on rival apps, and also offers a premium plan on Hinge, the dating app popular with Gen Z.

Match Group has introduced premium plans as its dating apps have seen a decline in new subscribers over the past three quarters, but average revenue per user has increased year-over-year, according to Bloomberg research. The measures to increase the average customer spend seem to be working.

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