Four kinds of ``half-moon moon viewing'' burgers with melting yolks from Lotteria appeared, so I tried them all

On September 7, 2023, Lotteria will release four new hamburgers: ' Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger ,' ' Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger ,' 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style teriyaki burger ,' and ' Soft-boiled Tsukimi delicious and spicy exquisite cheeseburger .' It has appeared. It is said that it is a product made by adding Japanese-style sauce to soft-boiled eggs, so I tried eating it to see what it tastes like.

Lotteria's half-boiled moon viewing
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Arrived at Lotteria.

A banner was hung announcing ``Half-Mature Moon Viewing''.

I bought ``Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger'', ``Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger'', ``Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style teriyaki burger'', and ``Half-boiled Tsukimi delicious and spicy cheeseburger'' as take-out.

We will eat them in order, starting with 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger'.

A cheeseburger made with ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano.

The size is like this.

When I cut it in half with a knife, the yolk poured out. When I took a bite, the soy sauce-based sauce and salt and pepper patty gave it both sweetness and saltiness, which was then enveloped by the mellowness of the egg and cheese.

Next, I will eat 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger'.

Sandwiched are eggs and shrimp patties. A combination of tartar sauce and Japanese-style ginger soy sauce.

The size is like this.

A dish that combines the crispy shrimp patty with the sourness of tartar sauce, and the crunchy texture of the cabbage as an accent. The soft-boiled egg has a weak presence due to the tartar sauce of the same type.

The third one is 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese Style Teriyaki Burger'.

A hamburger patty is combined with a soft-boiled egg, Japanese-style ginger soy sauce, lettuce, mayo sauce, and mustard.

This is the size.

You might think it's just a teriyaki burger, but when the melted egg yolk wraps around your tongue, the ``sweetness and mellowness'' of ``egg and teriyaki'' becomes more pronounced. It's as satisfying as after eating sukiyaki with egg.

Lastly, I will eat the ``Half-Boiled Tsukimi Delicious and Spicy Cheeseburger''.

A combination of Lotteria's standard menu item ``

Exquisite Cheeseburger '' with soft-boiled egg and Sriracha sauce.

The size is like this.

Although it contains eggs, it is quite spicy, and the tingling sensation of chili peppers always lingers. Unlike the above three types, which have a sweet base, there is almost no sweetness, and you can enjoy the patty bun wrapped in the umami of garlic and the aroma of pepper.

The prices include tax: 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger' is 570 yen, 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger' is 550 yen, 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style Teriyaki burger' is 490 yen, and 'Soft-boiled Tsukimi delicious spicy exquisite cheese' Burger' is 590 yen.

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