PlayStation Official Releases Experience Report of 'PlayStation Portal Remote Player' That Can Play PS5 Remotely

Tim Turi, content communication manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the developer of PlayStation, has released an experience report on

the PlayStation Portal Remote Player, a dedicated device that allows you to enjoy PlayStation 5 (PS5) remotely anywhere. did.

Experience report on “PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player” and two new audio devices! – PlayStation.Blog Japanese

◆PlayStation Portal Remote Player
The PlayStation Portal remote player is 'a new option presented by PlayStation for fans who want to enjoy the PS5 game library in even more ways.' If you imagine a high-definition LCD display inserted in the center, you may be able to get a sense of the atmosphere.'' In fact, it looks exactly as described.

The controller part of the PlayStation Portal Remote Player is a direct reproduction of the DualSense wireless controller, which is a dedicated controller for PS5, and everything from the texture of the stick with an excellent grip to the trigger operation is easy to use and comfortable. It also supports haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which are features of the DualSense wireless controller. 'The muscle memory you've built up over long hours of playing with the DualSense wireless controller can be put to use right away with the PlayStation Portal remote player,' said Tulli.

The PlayStation Portal remote player's display is an 8-inch LCD display running at 60Hz with a resolution of 1080p. Regarding the display, which supports gameplay at up to 1080p and 60fps, Tulli said, ``It's large enough to comfortably read the in-game UI and menu text while holding it in your hand.''

The display has a touch-enabled area and also supports some functions of the regular DualSense wireless controller's touchpad. When you touch the display with your finger, two translucent rectangles representing a virtual touchpad will be displayed on the screen. Therefore, PlayStation Portal Remote Player also supports game play using the touchpad.

The DualSense wireless controller's touchpad is the white area between your thumbs when you hold the controller.

When Turi experienced the PlayStation Portal Remote Player, the PS5 and the PlayStation Portal Remote Player were connected to the same local Wi-Fi network on a 5GHz bandwidth channel. Commenting on his experience, Tulli said, ``From the first few seconds of the PlayStation Portal remote player demo, I was impressed by the intuitive, comfortable, and smooth gameplay.Astro's Playroom's high-precision platform provides precise , it felt intuitive and comfortable to play, allowing us to land crucial attacks and quickly dodge enemy bullets in Returnal. 'It's the same intuitive experience as the real thing, and it's clearly displayed on the 8-inch display.'

The button placement is basically the same as the regular DualSense wireless controller, but the PS button is on the left side of the device and the microphone mute button is on the right side of the device. In addition, the volume button is located at the top right, the power button is located at the top left, and the 'PlayStation Link button' for connecting to wireless devices such as the PULSE Elite wireless headset and PULSE Explore wireless earphones is located on the left. Furthermore, there is a 3.5mm audio terminal at the bottom of the main unit for connecting wired earphones.

◆Common experiences with PULSE Explore wireless earphones & PULSE Elite wireless headset
Both PULSE Explore Wireless Earphones and PULSE Elite Wireless Headset can significantly improve the audio quality of your PlayStation. These wireless audio devices feature planar magnetic drivers commonly found in high-quality headsets used by game audio engineers. Regarding the planar magnetic drivers, Tulli says, ``Simply put, unlike typical conical drivers, these flat (planar) drivers transmit a wider range of subtle sounds. When combined with 3D audio, you can enjoy a clear and immersive experience.'

PULSE Explore wireless earphones and PULSE Elite wireless headset connect to the PS5 console using the new wireless audio technology PlayStation Link. PlayStation Link allows you to achieve low-latency, lossless audio with the PS5 console, PlayStation Portal remote player, PULSE Explore wireless earphones, and PULSE Elite wireless headset. As a result, even if users switch the device on which they play games from PS5 to PlayStation Portal Remote Player, they will also be able to switch the audio device at the same time.

Both the PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds and PULSE Elite Wireless Headset come with a PlayStation Link USB adapter that can be connected to your PS5 or PC for low-latency, lossless audio. Additionally, both PULSE Explore Wireless Earphones and PULSE Elite Wireless Headset also support wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

'One of the unexpected benefits of this new feature is the ability to pair and listen to multiple devices during a single session,' Turi said. The PULSE Elite Wireless Headset was paired to the PS5 with the PlayStation Link USB adapter, and the phone was paired via Bluetooth, so the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset received a call while the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset was in use. I could hear it ringing. When I answered the call, the phone audio and game audio were mixed seamlessly, allowing me to continue playing the game without interruption while I was talking. This is an alternative voice chat. 'This is a great feature for anyone who loves using the platform and multitasking while watching their favorite shows and content creators on another device,' he said, highlighting the benefits of PlayStation Link and Bluetooth connectivity. I am.

In addition, the PULSE Explore wireless earphones and PULSE Elite wireless headset are equipped with an AI-based microphone noise reduction function that reduces noise such as the sound of chewing food, noisy traffic, and the sound of a vacuum cleaner. You can have background noise automatically removed. Regarding his hands-on experience, Mr. Turi said, ``The person on the other end wearing the PULSE Explore wireless earphones was making a loud noise and crumpling paper near the phone's microphone, but the AI noise reduction quickly silenced the sound. 'It was great for us.'

◆PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds
The charging case for the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds is a black and white charging case with a futuristic design similar to the PS5. It has a compact design that draws a curve when closed, and there is a USB-C terminal on one side, which allows you to charge the case. Slide the white cover sideways to reveal the earphones. The cover has a magnetic slide and can be opened and closed with a click, so ``I couldn't stop playing with it by opening and closing it over and over again,'' said Tulli. The earphones are magnetically attached to the terminal inside the case, and can be easily removed when in use.

The earphones come with four ear tips, allowing users to choose the appropriate size for their ears. Twist the PULSE Explore wireless earphones into your ear and wear them with the PlayStation logo facing upwards. The earphones themselves are lightweight and can provide immersive and clear sound quality, allowing players to concentrate more on the game.

There is an up and down button on the earphone body, which allows you to adjust the volume. There's also a link button on the earbuds itself, which you can use to reconnect or switch between paired devices. Regarding the physical buttons placed on the PULSE Explore wireless earphones, Tulli said, ``Finding the buttons with your hands and adjusting the volume was an intuitive and quick experience.''

◆PULSE Elite Wireless Headset
The new wireless headset has a flexible band that provides a comfortable fit. In addition, the ear pads wrap around your ears with the perfect balance of luxurious softness and solid stability. 'The headset itself is lightweight, so once you get immersed in the gameplay, you'll forget you're wearing the headset,' says Tulli.

The PULSE Elite wireless headset has a retractable microphone that can be easily extended and used by simply pulling the end of the microphone. To mute the microphone, just press the button on the microphone. An orange indicator light appears to light up while muted.

Additionally, the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset comes with a charging hanger to hang the headset wherever you like. The power cable can be passed through the hanger, and the headset will be charged through the contacts located inside the headband.

The release date of 'PlayStation Portal Remote Player' in Japan has been decided on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. From Friday, September 29, 2023, we will start accepting reservations at PlayStation stores nationwide.

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