Warning that Huawei is building a semiconductor manufacturing network throughout China to avoid economic sanctions

It is pointed out that Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which is

severely restricted in the American market due to the economic friction between the United States and China, is building a network for semiconductor manufacturing in the country while receiving great support from the government. It has been.

Huawei Building Secret Chip Plants in China to Bypass US Sanctions, Group Warns - Bloomberg

It was pointed out by the semiconductor industry group, the Semiconductor Industry Association of America (SIA) .

According to SIA, Huawei has started semiconductor production from 2022 with support of 30 billion dollars (about 4.37 trillion yen) from the Chinese government and the city of Shenzhen, and has already acquired 3 factories and 2 factories. is scheduled to be newly constructed.

Huawei is on the list of companies prohibited from exporting from the United States along with several related companies, and cooperation with American companies is almost hopeless. However, it has been pointed out that by using the name of another company, it may be possible to indirectly purchase prohibited semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

When the economic magazine Bloomberg contacted the Ministry of Commerce about these concerns, it responded that it was monitoring the situation and was ready to take action if necessary. The Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security has also blacklisted dozens of Chinese companies other than Huawei, including companies said to be part of Huawei's network.

Regarding the fact that SIA raised the issue at this time, Bloomberg said that SIA members include semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers such as ASML and Applied Materials, whose profits from China are lost as US export restrictions become stricter. As such, we anticipate that it may be intended to urge members to be cautious about cooperating with companies that may have hidden ties to Huawei and others.

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