I tried eating Matsunoya's `` Sasami Katsu '' together with `` Green Hot Chili Mayo '' with a refreshing aftertaste & `` Red Curry Tartar '' that stimulates appetite with curry and garlic

On August 16, 2023 (Wednesday), 'Sasamikatsu' was added to the regular menu of Matsunoya. In addition, two kinds of spicy sauces, `` Green Hot Chili Mayo '' using green chili peppers and `` Red Curry Tartar '' using garlic and curry, have also appeared. I was worried about the compatibility of the two kinds of sauce and sasami cutlet, so I actually ordered it and tried it.

Sasami cutlet regularization & new sauce added! ! 'Green Hot Chili Mayo' 'Red Curry Tartar' New Release | Matsunoya | Matsuya Foods


Arrive at Matsunoya.

The target sasami cutlet is appealing.

I ordered 'Green Hot Chili Mayonnaise Sasami Katsu Set Meal' and 'Red Curry Tartar Sasami Katsu Set Meal' and brought it back. Both are sets of 'Sasami cutlet', 'white rice', 'sauce' and 'salad'. In the case of eating and drinking in the store, miso soup is also included.

The container containing the sasami cutlet was a two-tiered type, with the upper row containing the scissors and the lower row containing white rice.

First of all, I will eat from 'Green Hot Chili Mayonnaise Sasami Katsu Set Meal'. Sprinkle the green hot chili mayonnaise over the sasami katsu.

The viscosity of the green hot chili mayonnaise was loose and spread over the scissors.

When you eat it, the green hot chili mayonnaise is quite spicy contrary to its appearance, and the appetite is awakened at once in combination with the crunchy clothes. Another good point is that the sourness of the tartar leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

It's spicy, so white rice goes on in search of sweetness. However, even editorial staff who like spicy food say, 'It's spicy! I thought it was a sweet tartar sauce, so it feels extra spicy.'

I will also eat 'Red Curry Tartar Sasami Katsu Set Meal'.

Red curry tartar has a high viscosity and does not spread very much.

Although red curry tartar is spicy, it is less spicy than green hot chili mayonnaise. The sweetness of the tartar sauce stands out and it has a sweet and salty taste. It also features a strong taste and aroma with a garlic punch.

As the word 'curry' is included in the name, compatibility with white rice is outstanding.

The ``Green Hot Chili Mayonnaise Sasami Katsu Set Meal'' and the ``Red Curry Tartar Sasami Katsu Set Meal'' are 790 yen including tax and can be eaten at Matsunoya nationwide from August 16, 2023 (Wednesday), excluding some stores.

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