I tried Matsunoya `` Lamb Katsu '', which is complemented by a soft lamb meat flavor with horseradish and refreshing red salt.

A new menu `` Lamb cutlet '' using

lamb meat (lamb meat less than 12 months old) has appeared at `` Matsunoya '', a chain restaurant specializing in tonkatsu, from 15:00 on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. . The lamb meat is one of the softest in the history of Matsunoya, and the horseradish (horseradish) and mayonnaise used in the lamb flavor go well with the refor sauce , so I was wondering what the taste would be like. So I actually tried it.

Matsunoya New Proposal `` Lamb Cutlet '' New Release | Matsunoya | Matsuya Foods

Arrive at Matsunoya.

At the shop front, the new menu 'Lamb and' was appealing.

I immediately ordered ' Lamb and set meal ' (1090 yen) and brought it home. For takeout, it comes with a set of 'lamb cutlet,' 'white rice,' 'refort sauce,' 'red salt,' and 'salad.'

The lamb cutlet and white rice container were divided into upper and lower parts, with lamb cutlet in the upper row and white rice in the lower row.

Lamb cutlet set meal contains 3 pieces of lamb cutlet, each divided into two.

The lamb and set meal comes with a set of refor sauce and red salt, so first try it with refor sauce. Matsunoya's refor sauce is a sauce made by adding mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar to horseradish, which is much smoother than regular tonkatsu sauce.

When you eat it, you can feel the pungent spiciness of horseradish, and the refreshing and refreshing sourness of apple cider vinegar and mayonnaise brings out the flavor of lamb. The lamb was soft but had a firm texture, and the more it chewed, the more the umami oozed out.

Next, as the name suggests, I will try 'red salt' which has a slightly reddish hue.

When eating with a little red salt, the mellow and simple salty taste of red salt goes perfectly with lamb meat. The claim of the red salt itself is more modest than the refor sauce, and the impression is that it enhances the flavor of the lamb meat.

If you combine the normal lamb cutlet with the strong tonkatsu sauce and mustard, the rice will go on and on. There was a wide variety of taste changes, and I was able to enjoy the lamb meat while maintaining its freshness until the end.

`` Lamb cutlet '' can be purchased from 15:00 on August 23, 2023 (Wednesday) at Matsunoya nationwide, excluding Okinawa, high-speed PA stores, and some other stores. ' Lamb cutlet set meal ' with 3 pieces of lamb cutlet is 1090 yen including tax. ' Roast and lamb and two set meal ' is 1360 yen including tax.

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