Research results that the life span of aged mice was extended by 10% when connecting young mice and aged mice

When a 3-month-old mouse and a 2-year-old mouse were combined to share

a circulatory system , they found that the aged mice lived 10% longer.

Multi-omic rejuvenation and life span extension on exposure to youthful circulation | Nature Aging

Scientists Connected Old Mice to Young Mice, And It Rejuvenated Them : ScienceAlert

Harvard University geneticist Bohan Chan and his colleagues prepared young two-month-old mice and two-year-old mice and performed a surgical procedure called Heterochronic parabiosis (HPB)2. Combined circulatory system of animals.

They remained bonded for the next 12 weeks, during which time they shared the same blood and cells. A period of 12 weeks is equivalent to 8 years in humans.

As a result of the examination conducted 12 weeks later, the aged mice that got blood from young mice lived longer than other mice, dramatically reducing the biological age of blood and liver. Furthermore, when the two animals were separated and the progress was observed, it was reported that the rejuvenating effect persisted even two months after separation.

The research team said, ``It became clear that long-term binding ultimately extends lifespan and healthy lifespan. Is it young mice supplying new cells, or simply old blood that accelerates aging? It is unclear whether young mice moderate the

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