Netflix releases ``Netflix Game Controller'', an application for turning smartphones into controllers and playing games on TV

On August 9, 2023, Netflix released the app ' Netflix Game Controller ' for playing games on TV. By using 'Netflix Game Controller', it is possible to pair the application with the TV and play the game provided by Netflix on the big screen, but at the time of writing the article, the corresponding game has not yet been released. It is unknown when it can actually be played.

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From November 2021, Netflix has been providing subscribers with a service that allows them to play games on smartphones and tablets.

So that Netflix distributed games can be played on iPhone and iPad - GIGAZINE

Netflix also intends to expand its game distribution service to cloud games , and was reported to have opened a new game studio in Southern California in October 2022.

Meanwhile, Netflix released an app called 'Netflix Game Controller' on August 9, 2023. At the time of writing the article, only the iOS version of 'Netflix Game Controller' is being distributed.

According to Netflix, by pairing the 'Netflix Game Controller' with your TV, you can use your smartphone or other mobile device as a controller to play games on Netflix.

Open 'Netflix Game Controller' and it says 'To begin, choose a game on your TV and follow the directions to connect.' Also, on the app, 'Netflix Games on TV are in beta. Some devices may not be supported at this time. (Netflix Games on TV is in beta. Some devices are not supported)' There is also writing.

There are various types of games distributed by Netflix, such as card games and racing games, but at the time of writing the article, no games that can be played on TV have been released, and it is impossible to play with a smartphone as a controller. is. The App Store description page for the 'Netflix Game Controller' states 'coming soon.'

Netflix has not commented on plans or details for Netflix Game Controller or Netflix Games on TV. Also, the release of the Android version 'Netflix Game Controller' is undecided.

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