YouTuber with more than 170 million subscribers complained that the company partnered with the development of the original hamburger store was ``low quality'' and was appealed back for 14 billion yen

In July 2023, James Donaldson, who is active on YouTube as

MrBeast , served a very poor quality meal at the virtual restaurant ' MrBeast Burgers ' launched under his own brand. VDC), the VDC side newly indicted Mr. Donaldson for breach of contract.

MrBeast Sued by Company Behind MrBeast Burger - Variety

MrBeast's burger company is suing him for $100 million - The Verge

MrBeast Burgers, a restaurant chain launched in 2020 by Mr. Donaldson in partnership with VDC, is a delivery-only fast food restaurant that provides customers with hamburgers cooked by another partner ghost kitchen without having a physical store. .

At the beginning of its establishment, MrBeast Burgers increased the number of stores with the momentum of dropping flying birds, but Mr. Donaldson said that fans complained about the quality of meals such as 'disgusting', 'unpleasant taste', and 'very inedible'. As a result, it sued VDC seeking to terminate the contractual relationship. Details are summarized in the article below.

MrBeast Burgers, a virtual burger shop specializing in delivery launched by YouTuber, is too bad and indicts ghost kitchen establishment company - GIGAZINE

by Anthony Quintano

Variety, a news media that deals with entertainment information, reported on August 7, 2023 that VDC sued Donaldson and his company, Beast Investments.

In a complaint obtained by Variety, VDC said, 'This lawsuit believes that, given your reputation, words and facts do not matter, and there is nothing wrong with failing to perform your obligations and violating your contract. It's about social media celebrities,' he accused Donaldson of not fulfilling his contractual obligations, including public relations and promotional activities.

VDC is also seeking damages for Mr. Donaldson's slanderous defamation of MrBeast Burgers, causing significant financial damage and damaging the store's reputation. According to Variety, the amount of compensation VDC is seeking from Donaldson and others in this lawsuit is estimated to be more than $ 100 million (about 14 billion yen).

Below are some of the social media posts featured in the complaint as defamatory by Mr. Donaldson. In a series of remarks, Donaldson has repeatedly expressed regret about signing with VDC.

Regarding Mr. Donaldson's words and actions, VDC said, ``Mr. Customers have abandoned MrBeast Burgers, the relationships we have worked so hard to build with our vendors, partners and suppliers have been shattered, resulting in a nine-figure loss.' I was.

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