I ate a shocking menu of 20 meals a day with a whole watermelon cover topping on chilled ramen ``My long-awaited watercolor'' at Menya Musashi Niten

Menya Musashi Niten, the Ikebukuro branch of the Tokyo-based ramen chain Menya Musashi, has released a summer-limited menu called ``The Long-awaited'' in collaboration with Lotte's popsicle `` Suicab '', which looks just like a watermelon. 'Suicolor ' will be offered for a limited time of 20 meals a day from Monday, July 24, 2023 to Sunday, August 13, 2023. I heard that it was a very shocking bowl of ``chilled ramen with a whole watermelon topping'', so I was really interested, so I went to try it.

[July 27th is “Watermelon Day”! 】Summer ice cream “Suicaba” x “Menya Musashi” is a dream collaboration! ~About 1 year in the planning~ The long-awaited watermelon color, which is recommended for summer, is born!
(PDF file) https://www.lotte.co.jp/info/news/pdf/20230720064232.pdf

Menya Musashi Niten is located right outside the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. The address is 1-2-4 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo .

I came to Ikebukuro.

Arrived at Menya Musashi Niten.

There was a poster posted at the store announcing the availability of the ``long-awaited watercolor''.

So I entered the store and ordered the ``Long-awaited Watercolor'' from the ticket vending machine. The ticket vending machine's sales page had a design that promoted watermelon.

After taking a seat and waiting for about 10 minutes, the ``Long-awaited Watercolor'' (1200 yen including tax) was brought to me.

What really catches my eye is the watermelon cover stuck into the bowl. It is not specially processed, and is topped with a whole commercially available watermelon cover.

The ingredients are crispy roast beef, seasoned eggs, condiments (ginger, cucumber, green onion), and tempura. Tenkasu was not mentioned in Lotte's release, and I thought it was unusual to have ramen topped with tenkasu, but Menya Musashi Niten has ``buta tempura'' and ``pork tempura'' that are fried using a special fryer. It is said that it is a unique menu to top the tsukemen with ``chicken tempura'', and tempura may be a topping unique to Menya Musashi Niten.

And, along with the 'long-awaited watermelon color' was a special watermelon vinegar. The appearance is a reproduction of the red part of a watermelon cover, and the black grains inside are actually chocolate seeds used in a watermelon cover. When I smelled it, I felt a slight tingling sensation.

First I will try drinking soup. It's a ``soy sauce-based soup that matches the watermelon flavor,'' and it uses balsamic vinegar as a hidden ingredient to give it a refreshing taste, and you can definitely feel a slight sourness. However, more than that, you can feel the strong umami and salty taste of animal soup. Also, the oil is floating well, giving it a really punchy taste. However, as the oil in the soup gradually cools, the soup will gradually become more spicy as you eat slowly.

The medium-thin straight noodles are cold and firm, with a smooth and chewy texture.

After sipping the soup and noodles, I took a bite of the watermelon bar.The sweetness of the watermelon bar gradually spread through me, and my mouth felt strangely cleansed. The sweetness of this watermelon cover did not make me feel bad at all, and it was a refreshing agent that reset the strong salty taste and bitterness of the soup.

Adding the included watermelon vinegar adds sourness and changes the taste even more. The chocolate seeds inside are also added, but the soup does not change to the taste of watermelon cabbage, but the aftertaste is slightly refreshing due to the aroma and acidity of vinegar. Due to the unique ingredients, the taste may be a little similar to the cold noodles you get at a yakiniku restaurant.

In addition, when I ordered the ``long-awaited watermelon color'', I was given a watermelon gum because it was said to be ``please cleanse your palate after a meal.''

You can order ``My Desired Watercolor'' at Menya Musashi in Ikebukuro from July 24th (Monday) to August 13th (Sunday), 2023. The price is 1,200 yen including tax, and you can choose between two types of noodles for the same price: ``medium size'' and ``large size.'' However, please note that there is a limit of 20 meals per day.

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