Although Apple acknowledged a screen time bug that allows children to use apps and games beyond the time limit imposed by parents, is it difficult to fix?

The function ' Screen Time ' that summarizes in real time what and how much time you spend on your iPhone or iPad includes a parental control function ' Content and Privacy Restrictions . The Wall Street Journal, an American economic newspaper, reported that a bug was found that caused the usage time limit set in Screen Time's 'Content and Privacy Restrictions' to disappear.

Apple Admits to Bug in Screen Time Parental Controls - WSJ

Apple confirms bug stops Screen Time limits from sticking for kids - The Verge

Apple has a service called Family Sharing , where one adult in the family becomes the administrator and can manage the device after setting up accounts for all family members. Family Sharing allows parents to set time limits on their children's devices through Cleantime.

Tim Baker, who lives in New Jersey, noticed that the time limit set on his children's iPads through Family Sharing had been lifted. Mr. Baker, who thought that the children might have guessed the passcode and removed the usage time limit, changed the passcode just in case, but the time limit that should have been set on the child's device It was released again.

Mr. Baker does not understand the conditions and reasons for this usage time limit to be lifted, saying, ``Sometimes it doesn't lift even after several weeks, and you have to reset the device two or three times a week. There was also,” he said. Like Mr. Baker, there are many other users who are having trouble with the screen time usage time limit being suddenly lifted, and there was a post on Apple's forum complaining of a similar bug.

screen time limits not staying - Apple Community

``We are aware that some users may be experiencing issues with Screen Time settings resetting unexpectedly,'' Apple said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal. Acknowledged that there is a bug in the usage time limit function by time. An Apple spokesperson said, ``We take these reports very seriously, and we continue to provide updates to improve the situation, and will continue to do so.''

The bug has been reported since the end of 2022, and Apple reportedly fixed the issue in iOS 16.5, released in May 2023. But it seems that the bug is still there.

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