The tool that determines whether OpenAI is an AI-generated sentence is secretly terminated because of ``low accuracy''

It turned out that OpenAI has ended the provision of ' AI Text Classifier ', a tool that can distinguish sentences generated by AI.

New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text

OpenAI Quietly Shuts Down Its AI Detection Tool - Decrypt

`` AI Text Classifier '' is a tool announced by OpenAI in January 2023 to determine whether a sentence is made by AI. When I actually used it at the time of publication, it was recognized that the sentences generated by ChatGPT were 'made by AI'.

OpenAI releases a tool to see through ``text written with AI''-GIGAZINE

However, on July 20, 2023, the release of the tool ended quietly. OpenAI states that the reason is 'because of low accuracy'.

Regarding accuracy, OpenAI itself reported that ``26% of AI-generated texts were correctly identified as AI-made, while 9% of human-written texts were misidentified as AI-made.'' It was difficult to use, and it was noted that it was better not to use it for checking reports written by students.

It was hoped that accuracy would improve with further training, but unfortunately this was not achieved.

The page where 'AI Text Classifier' was published is 'Page not found'.

OpenAI Platform

There is no special announcement regarding the end of 'AI Text Classifier', and an addition is made at the beginning of the page when 'AI Text Classifier' is released.

According to the statement, OpenAI is incorporating feedback to research methods to more effectively examine the provenance of text, and is working to develop and deploy mechanisms that can determine whether a sound or image is AI-generated. It is said that they are working on it.

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