Earon Mask talks about why he changed the name from ``Twitter'' to ``X'', claiming that the name ``Twitter'' is not suitable because it will be a comprehensive application including financial transactions

On July 24, 2023, the name of the SNS, which had long been operated under the name 'Twitter' , was changed to 'X' , causing confusion among users. Earon Mask, who acquired Twitter, added 'X: Twitter' to the list of 'company names changed' while some users released an extension to return the 'X' icon to the familiar 'blue bird' In the reply to the post , I explained 'Why Twitter changed its name to X'.

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Many users who have long been familiar with Twitter and the blue bird icon have expressed confusion and anger about Mr. Mask changing the name of 'Twitter' to 'X' and restructuring the blue bird logo. . ``One person has erased more than 15 years of brand name history that has secured its place in our cultural vocabulary,'' said Mike Prooks, an analyst at market research firm Forrester. I left, ”he said, pointing out that there is a risk in changing the name that people are familiar with.

In addition, Mr. Mask likes the letter 'X' enough to put it in the name of the company he launched and the name of his son , and has shown a strong obsession for a long time. You can see how much Mr. Mask has a feeling for 'X' by reading the following article.

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In a post on X explaining the name change, Musk said, 'Twitter was acquired by X Corp. to ensure free speech and to promote X, the everything app,' simply saying Twitter. In addition to changing the name of the app to X, it appeals that it is also working on changing the app itself.

“The name Twitter meant a lot back when 140-character messages were sent back and forth like birds chirping, but now you can post almost anything, including hours of video,” Musk said. In the coming months we will add comprehensive communication and the ability to manage the entire financial industry.We have to say goodbye to this bird because the name Twitter makes no sense in this context. I have to,” he said.

In short, Mr. Mask said that the future X (formerly Twitter) will no longer be a tool for posting short sentences, but will be an app with comprehensive functions including posting of various contents and financial transactions. ) is not suitable.

Linda Yaccarino , CEO of X Corp., also posted an explanation of the name change, saying, 'X is the future of unlimited interactivity around audio, video, messaging, payments and banking. We will create a global marketplace of opportunity: AI-powered X will bring us all together in ways we have begun to imagine.' Overseas media Bloomberg commented on Mr. Yaccarino's post, ``Mr. I am in a position,” he said.

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