Suspicion that the cause of the helicopter crash was the fall of the iPad in the plane

In July 2022, a large transport helicopter CH-47D

Chinook crashed into a river in Idaho, killing two people, the pilot and co-pilot. Although the final investigation report on the accident has not been released, a newly released document on the accident found that the iPad was involved in the accident.

Dropped iPad implicated in fatal Rotak Chinook helicopter crash - Vertical Mag

Project Summary: Aviation Investigation - 17 Docket Items - CEN22FA331

On the afternoon of July 21, 2022, while participating in a firefighting operation in Idaho, a Chinook that was filling a bucket in the Salmon River lost its balance and crashed into the river.

Firefighters quickly pulled pilot Thomas Hayes and co-pilot Jarrett Bird out of the water, but they both died of their injuries.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found that the iPad, which is used to display flight plans, assist navigation, and replace paper, has bends and gouges.

NTSB investigators conducted the investigation using a Chinook with the same cockpit configuration as the accident aircraft. When the iPad was installed between the pilot's left pedal and the fuselage, next to the part that supports the heel slide, when the left pedal was pressed hard, the fixed iPad fell and fell between the pedal and the slide part. I confirmed that it was stuck.

Additionally, we found that pressure on the pilot's right pedal pushed the iPad too hard into the gap.

And even a guy who was a little taller than the co-pilot, or a little shorter, couldn't reach the jammed iPad. Removing the iPad would have been even more difficult, as the visor of the flight helmet actually touched the instruments.

According to Andy Evans of aviation safety consultancy Aerosurance, there are no clear requirements to consider ' electronic flight bags ' including iPads as risks. Evans told news site Vertical that he hopes the crash will help him secure loose items in the cockpit.

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