The book lent from the library in 1904 will be returned for the first time in 119 years, the director claims that ``it is not too late to return the book''

A book lent in 1904 from

the New Bedford Public Library in Massachusetts, USA was returned for the first time in 119 years. ``It's never too late to return a book,'' the librarian said after a book that had been overdue for more than a century was returned.

An overdue library book returns 119 years later : NPR

Extremely overdue book returned to Mass. library 119 years later

I often hear the story of ``I accidentally passed the deadline without returning the book I borrowed at the library,'' but there shouldn't be many people who have been overdue for several years. However, at the New Bedford Public Library, James Clerk Maxwell 's ' An Elementary Treatise on Electricity', which was borrowed on February 14, 1904, will be returned after 119 years of overdue. A rare occurrence has occurred.

Stuart Plain, a curator at the University of West Virginia Libraries, was sorting through recently donated books, and reportedly found 'Introduction to Electricity,' which may have originally belonged to the New Bedford Public Library. He said he did. Mr. Plain confirmed that the book was not stamped 'discarded' and contacted Mr. Jody Goodman, the librarian of the New Bedford Public Library, who confirmed that this 'elementary theory of electricity' had not been published since 1904. It seems that it turned out to be an overdue book that has been lent out.

This case has also been featured in the news program, and you can see the appearance of the actually returned 'Electrical Theory'.

119-year overdue book returned to New Bedford library-YouTube

This book is 'Introduction to Electricity', which was returned for the first time in 119 years. Olivia Melo, director of the New Bedford Public Library, said, ``It's very rare that a book comes back 100 years late. increase.

'The book was in very good condition, so it's clear that the owner kept it on a nice bookshelf,' Melo said. I think it's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time,' I commented.

'Introduction to Electricity' was published in 1881, two years after Maxwell's death, and was added to the collection of the New Bedford Public Library in 1882.

Mello said that the recent return of a book that was lent over 100 years ago shows that the New Bedford Public Library has existed for a very long time and has inherited a historical collection. I am commenting. 'Looking back at the history of books gives us a real sense of purpose for how long we've been here,' he said.

The New Bedford Public Library charges a late fee of 5 cents (about 7 yen) per day, so if it is delayed for 119 years, the late fee will exceed $ 2,100 (about 3 million yen). However, since the upper limit of the late fee is set at 2 dollars (about 280 yen), it is said that a high late fee will not be charged. As a lesson learned from this case, Mr. Melo appeals, 'It's never too late to return overdue books.'

Mr. Melo said that the book that was lent in 1904 and returned after 119 years without being damaged is still printed on paper in the present age when computerization has made immeasurable information instantly accessible. It is claimed that it shows that the durability of the words used is excellent. “The value of a printed book is that it is not digital and will not disappear. Just pick it up, someone read this book 120 years ago, and it is in my hands now.” You can get the feeling that this book will still be here 100 years from now.The printed book will always have value.'

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