Books that have been rented for 111 years from the library will be returned

A children's book lent out by a public library in the United States in 1910 has been returned for the first time in 111 years and has become a hot topic.

Overdue book returned anonymously to Idaho library 111 years later

The returned book was the sequel ' New Chronicles of Rebecca ' to 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook' written by Kate Douglas Wiggin , and was anonymously mailed back to the public library in Boise , Idaho, USA. According to a clerk, the loan card that came with it was different from the one used in recent years, and research revealed that the book was lent out at the Carnegie Public Library in 1910.

In the pocket that stores the loan card, it was written that a delinquent charge will be incurred two weeks after the loan. According to Boise's public library, the delinquency charge at that time was 2 cents a day, and the book, which was about 40,000 days after the loan, could be delinquent for $ 800. I am. However, according to KTVB , which reported this topic, the maximum amount of delinquency charges was set at the 'book purchase amount' at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, Boise's public library has abolished the delinquency system in recent years, so it may not be obligatory to pay the delinquency to the person who returned the book.

In addition, the movement to abolish the delinquent money system is becoming active in American libraries, and in 2019, the libraries in Chicago and San Francisco abolished the delinquent money system. In October 2021, the New York Public Library, the largest in the United States, declared the abolition of the delinquency system. At that time, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said about the abolition of the delinquency system, 'This announcement is a big step toward making the public library, which is the center of many communities, a place that everyone can use. By eliminating fines, we can serve more New Yorkers and give them a chance to grow and succeed. '

America's largest public library system announces the abolition of late fees, saying 'fines are outdated' --GIGAZINE

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