A USB memory containing all the data is sent back to the university professor who stolen the personal computer

It seems that USB memory containing all the data was sent anonymously to university professor who was stolen lost computer containing data of more than ten years and was at a loss. Although the personal computer itself did not return, the professor was very pleased, felt that this incident touched human compassion, he said that he even felt hope for humanity.

Details are as below.Thief returns stolen laptop contents on USB stick - Telegraph

"It is a very happy thing," SwedenUmea UniversityAnonymous professor who taught at the local paperVästerbottens-KurirenI am telling you.

One day the professor hid the bag containing the personal computer behind the door of the stairway for a while while going to the laundry room of the living residence where the bag disappeared when coming out of the laundry room It seemed to have been. After a while, the bag was returned to its original location, but only the personal computer that was in was disappeared.

"The backpack was placed in its original location and all the documents, note books and credit cards were in it, but only the laptop was disappeared. Unfortunately, I have not backed it up "The professor witnesses.

However, one week after theft, it seems that a USB stick containing all the documents stored on the laptop has arrived at the professor. It is presumed that it took several hours to migrate the data.

"These data are my life, over the past ten years, it is a record of everything that happened in my life, as people lose computers and cameras, painfully that I lost more contents than the equipment itself It may be natural to receive your hands, even if the equipment is replaced, there are many cases where the contents can not be changed, "the professor says.

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