I drank Suntory `` raw supplement latte '' that just mixes syrup and supplement-containing oil into milk and mixes

A new supplement `` Raw Supplement Latte '' that can deliver `` source of deliciousness '' and `` source of nutrition '' with one push from Suntory appeared on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. I made and drank a simple latte that was completed just by breaking the container into the milk and mixing it.

Raw supplement latte | Suntory


There are two types of “raw supplement latte”: banana flavor and black sesame soybean flour flavor.

Banana juice and safflower pigment are used for banana flavor. The energy per piece is 44kcal, containing 120mg of

DHA and 13mg of EPA .

Soybean flour and black sesame extract are used for the black sesame soybean flour flavor. The energy per piece is 44 kcal and contains 10 mg of

sesamin .

The bag contains 3 individually wrapped lattes.

When the banana flavor is turned over, it looks like this, and it is a ' pakitte ' that can serve margarine and jam at the same time. The feature is that the 'source of deliciousness' of each taste and the 'source of nutrition' containing supplement ingredients are separated.

Black sesame kinako taste looks like this.

Prepare 100ml of milk in a glass and put a raw supplement latte into it.

If you don't do anything, the oil containing supplement ingredients will separate at the top.

If you mix it well from the bottom and drink it, it tastes like milk with the sweetness of bananas dissolved in it. may be a feeling like no other.

The black sesame and soybean flour flavor is the same, and you get the impression that you are drinking a Japanese-style latte that is likely to appear in cafes, where the sweetness of milk and the sweetness of mushrooms are mixed.

However, if you leave it for even a short period of time, the oil will clump together and float. There is no quality problem, but I feel that it contains oil.

Both types of 'raw supplement latte' are 3 cups per pack, and the price is 500 yen including tax. Limited to Amazon.co.jp and Suntory Wellness online shops.

Amazon.co.jp: [Drink with Milk] Suntory Raw Supplement Latte DHA & EPA Banana Latte Paquitte Easy Delicious Nutrient Intake 3 Cups (11g x 3 Pieces): Food, Beverages, Alcohol

Amazon.co.jp: [Drink mixed with milk] Suntory Raw Supplement Latte Sesamin & Vitamin E Black Sesame Kinako Latte Paquitte Easy Delicious Nutrient Intake 3 Cups (11g x 3 Pieces): Food, Beverages, Alcohol

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