A situation occurred where the school changed all passwords for student accounts to ``Ch@ngeme!

At a high school in the United States, a situation occurred in which all students' school Google account passwords were arbitrarily changed to 'Ch@ngeme!'. All students have been notified that their password has been changed to 'Ch@ngeme!'

High school changes every student's password to 'Ch@ngeme!' | TechCrunch


According to information independently obtained by overseas media TechCrunch, Oak Park and River Forest (OPRF) High School in Illinois, USA, told parents, ``Due to an unexpected error by the vendor, the system has closed all student accounts. I reset my password and my students can no longer log in to their Google accounts.'

OPRF High School, which has about 3,000 students, told parents on June 22, 2023, 'To fix the problem, we will reset the student's password to 'Ch@ngeme! It was also revealed that he sent an email notifying him that 'students are encouraged to change this password to their own password as soon as possible.' In other words, the school changed all the passwords of the Google accounts for students to 'Ch@ngeme!'.

TechCrunch said, 'Obviously, giving everyone the same password is not the correct way for an organization to force a password reset. Normal password reset procedures force all users to log out and have a new password the next time they log in. It asks you to set a password, ”he points out that the password reset method adopted by OPRF High School is wrong.

``This is very dangerous, and it's like inviting all students to hack their accounts,'' said Manning Peterson, a parent who has children at OPRF High School. He also revealed that his son tried to change the password for his school Google account after receiving the email notification, but failed.

Peterson also said, ``I tried to log in to my son and some of my classmates' Google accounts, and I was able to log in easily. You can access any data stored in Google Drive, such as reports and class assignments.'

On June 23rd, OPRF High School sent an email to parents again saying, 'We will email you a special password process specific to certain students over the weekend.' I'm here.

TechCrunch has contacted Principal Greg Johnson of OPRF High School and Vice Principal Linda Parker about this situation, but has not received any comments.

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