'Diablo IV' falls into a situation where it can not be played for nearly 12 hours due to DDoS attack

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Battle.net , a game client provided by Blizzard Entertainment , was under DDoS attack . As a result, games such as ' Diablo IV ' and ' World of Warcraft ', which recorded sales of 666 million dollars (about 95 billion yen) in the first week of release, were temporarily unable to play.

Diablo 4 Was Under DDOS Attack That Made It Impossible To Play

Diablo 4 is down due to a DDoS attack | Eurogamer.net

Regarding the DDoS attack received by Blizzard Entertainment, the company's customer support Twitter account reports as follows.

The issue was first reported to Diablo IV, with a customer support account stating, 'We are investigating a login issue affecting Diablo IV and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.' , there may be queues for players to log in,' he tweeted.

After that, the customer support account tweeted, ``We are currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication server. Reported as being

In addition, he tweeted, 'The DDoS attack we were monitoring has ended. If you still can't log in, please try the following troubleshooting ,' and reported that the DDoS attack had stopped for a while.

However, after that, it reported that it was under DDoS attack again. It warned that this attack 'may cause long delays and disconnections for some players.'

When the second DDoS attack ended, he posted the exact same tweet as when the first DDoS attack stopped. Kotaku, an overseas game media, said, ``After resolving the first DDoS attack early in the morning on Sunday, we reported on the second DDoS attack late in the afternoon,'' Blizzard Entertainment said twice. I am told that it has been received.

It has also been reported on Reddit that Diablo IV was unable to play due to DDoS attacks.

DDoS during the only time I've been able to play this week, whelp : diablo4

Also, when a user tried to launch Diablo IV on Battle.net, a warning message was issued saying, ``We are currently under DDoS attack, and some players are experiencing delays and disconnections as a result.'' I am posting a screenshot as it appears.

Some Twitter users have released screenshots of the moment they failed to log in to Diablo IV due to a DDoS attack.

According to player reports, some people were unable to play Diablo IV for nearly 12 hours due to DDoS attacks.

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