Reddit goes down for 3 hours due to protests due to API charging

The online bulletin board Reddit has been heavily criticized since it announced

a new paid API in April 2023. As part of this protest, more than 7,000 subreddits were taken private on June 12, 2023, local time, and Reddit's servers went down for three hours.

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Reddit has been providing APIs for free for a long time, but in April 2023, it set up a paid premium API for developers of third-party apps that require advanced functionality. Reddit claims that the premium API, which requires $ 12,000 (about 1.67 million yen) for 50 million requests, is 'reasonable price'. On the other hand, Mr. Christian Selig, the developer of the client application ' Apollo ', estimated that it would cost $20 million (about 2.8 billion yen) per year, and it was pointed out that the fee setting was not enough to maintain the application.

Possibility of Reddit blocking third-party apps, new API makes 7 billion requests per month, about 2.8 billion yen per year - GIGAZINE

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After that, Mr. Selig announced that Apollo's service would be terminated on June 30, 2023 as `` difficult to maintain the service ''.

Third-party application 'Apollo' announces service termination due to Reddit's API charge - GIGAZINE

In response to this situation, some Reddit subreddits were planning to temporarily make the subreddits private to show their protest. The plan will run for 48 hours starting June 12, 2023, and if Reddit does not show a response by June 14, it will 'use the community and reputation it has built to date for further protests.' I will use it as a tool for

Some communities plan to make protests private due to concerns about the disappearance of third-party apps due to Reddit's API charging - GIGAZINE

The deprivation of the subreddit that started on June 12, 2023 local time made the Reddit server unstable, and the Reddit server went down around 10:25 on June 12, local time. When I tried to load the site, the main feed said, 'Sorry, the post on this page could not be loaded,' and the homepage stopped loading.

According to Downdetector, which compiles reports of connection failures, the number of failure reports increased sharply from around 23:00 to 2:00 on June 12, Japan time, and at the peak, more than 43,000 reports were received. I understand this.

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Reddit reported at 10:58, 23 minutes after the failure, ``We are aware of a problem with loading content and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.''

Reddit spokesperson Tim Rasschmidt told foreign media TechCrunch, ``With a significant number of subreddits going private, there have been some stability issues, and we are working to resolve them. I am here,” he said.

Reddit reported that the server failure had improved at 13:26 on June 12, 2023, three hours after the failure occurred, and said, 'We will continue to monitor the situation carefully.'

Also, at 15:26, Reddit reported, ``This problem has been completely resolved. Thank you for your patience,'' revealing that the problem has been resolved.

Even at the time of writing the article, 7975 subreddits have been made private for protest, 8304 users have announced that they will participate in the protest, and protests against Reddit's API charging are underway.

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