Microsoft official releases 4K compatible version of 'Windows XP wallpaper'

When many people hear the word 'Windows wallpaper,' the first thing that comes to mind is 'Windows XP wallpaper with green hills against a blue sky.' It was a hot topic that Microsoft officially released a high-resolution version of this 'Windows XP wallpaper,' so I actually downloaded it and set it as my Windows 10 or Windows 11 wallpaper.

Today I stumbled upon Microsoft's 4K rendering of the Windows XP wallpaper | Ars Technica

'Windows XP wallpaper' is quietly published on Microsoft's wallpaper publication page. You can access the wallpaper publication page by clicking the link below.

Microsoft Design - Wallpapers

After accessing the public page, scroll down the screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find 'Windows XP Wallpaper'.

If you are having trouble finding it, use 'Ctrl + F' to start the page search, then search for 'MICROSOFT NOSTALGIC SCENES.'

To download an image, click 'Save image as' from the right-click menu.

The file size is 7.27MB and the resolution is 4089 x 2726 pixels, so it can easily support 4K monitors. Additionally, the file creation date was May 17, 2021.

When you set 'Windows XP wallpaper' as the Windows 10 wallpaper, it looks like this. Although the colors and composition are slightly different from the original, the atmosphere is enjoyable.

This is what it looks like on Windows 11. It seems like you can work while immersing yourself in a nostalgic feeling.

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