Subway's 'Yaba Spicy Tacos' Tasting Review with Habanero Sauce Chasing Hot Pepper

On May 24, 2023, a new flavor of ' Yaba Spicy Tacos ' that pursued spiciness appeared in the 'Mexican Meat Tacos' series, which is a summer limited spicy sandwich of the sandwich chain Subway. The ``

Mexican Meat Tacos ,'' which is said to be the best-selling item for a limited time in 2022, is topped with hot peppers, and the attached ``Yaba Spicy Tacos'' with habanero sauce is a menu for those who want to pursue spiciness. So, I actually tried 'Yaba hot tacos'.

Early summer limited “I want to eat again!” Request No. 1 tacos series, hotness MAX “Yaba spicy” is now available! ~ “Mexican meat tacos” “luxury cheese tacos” “Yaba spicy tacos” May 24, 2023 Sales start from Sunday (Wednesday) ~
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Arrived at Subway.

A poster announcing the appearance of three types of 'Mexican meat tacos' series was pasted. Normal Mexican meat tacos have two flame marks, but Yaba hot tacos eaten this time have three flame marks.

That's why I bought Yaba hot tacos (590 yen including tax) and Mexican meat tacos (550 yen including tax). The front side to which the attached habanero sauce is pasted is the spicy tacos.

Yaba spicy tacos look like this. Hot pepper rings are visible, along with taco meat and cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and chopped lettuce. Bread (bread) chooses

wheat recommended by the clerk.

I just opened the bread to see what's inside. Hot pepper is topped under taco meat and cheese.

In order to see how bad the spicy tacos are, I first tried the Mexican taco meat that is the base. The spicy spiciness of tacos meat and chipotle sauce is effective, but the moisture of tomatoes and lettuce makes the spiciness quite thin, so it feels like the spiciness gradually spreads in the mouth. It may be a little unsatisfactory level for those who like spicy food.

Next time I will eat spicy tacos. As a preparation, sprinkle the habanero sauce on top of the taco meat.

The bright red habanero sauce can be seen with the hot pepper, so the appearance is doubled.

Isn't it so spicy right after eating the first bite? I thought, but soon the stabbing pain of the hot pepper rushes through the wetness of the tomato and lettuce. Still, after thinking 'I'm not that strong and I might be able to go', the feeling that the stimulation of the habanero sauce will follow. The spiciness of tacos meat with spices such as cumin and the mellowness of cheese softens the spiciness slightly, but you can still feel the stimulation of the habanero sauce. However, it is not so spicy that it can not be eaten, it is said that it is 'spicy at a level that you can eat properly and understand the taste of ingredients firmly'. If you are still unsatisfied with the spiciness, you may want to remove vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce with toppings, add hot pepper, or add a bag of habanero sauce for 50 yen including tax.

Yaba spicy tacos are available on subways nationwide from Wednesday, May 24, 2023 to Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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