A street with the name of Pokemon appeared, which Pokemon name was adopted?

In Henderson, the town next to Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, USA, there is an area of land under construction. The streets in this land area are named after Pokemon, and you can see the name of Pokemon on the road signs placed at the intersection.

Las Vegas neighborhood Pokemon street names


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There is a street named after Pokemon in Henderson, 'Serenity Place', a land area developed by ' Harmony Homes '. The following picture is a road sign placed at Serenity Place, and you can see the names of 'Jigglypuff' and 'Charmander'.


the Las Vegas Valley continues to expand, new developments in the area are a daily occurrence for residents in the surrounding area. Therefore, many new streets that need to be named are born.

``It's really, really hard to name the streets in this town,'' said Andrea Miller, construction manager at Harmony Homes. Mr. Miller named the street in Serenity Place, he said, 'My 14-year-old and 11-year-old sons are obsessed with Pokemon. I got the idea from there.'

It seems that Mr. Miller gave the street name to the name of his sons' favorite Pokemon, 'Purin is definitely their favorite Pokemon,' he said.

The name of Pokemon written on the road sign below is 'Snorlax'.

In addition, the reason why Pokemon's name was given to the street is not only 'because Mr. Miller's child likes Pokemon'. Miller said, ``When I hear the name Pudding, it makes me giggle.'' ``It might put a smile on your face when you come home from work and have to walk down Pudding Street, even if it's been a bad day. He explained that he named the street because he felt it would make the residents happy.

Several other streets in Serenity Place are named after Pokémon, including Squirtle, Snorlax, Charmander, and Charizard. These are all first-generation Pokemon that appeared in ``Pocket Monsters Red/Green'' released in 1998.

'Little kids and avid Pokemon fans alike love street names,' Miller said. Below is a sign written 'Squirtle'.

According to Miller, it's very difficult to name a street in the Las Vegas Valley. When naming a street, it is necessary to first determine the total number of streets planned and then submit twice the number of 'name candidates' to the jurisdiction.

When you submit a name suggestion, the jurisdiction will return information such as which names are available, which names are already in use, and which names are similar to other street names. However, if you submit a general street name, it seems that you will go through this process a few times. Therefore, it seems that Serenity Place decided to put the name of Pokemon on the street.

In addition, Harmony Homes, which develops Serenity Place, named another area in northern Las Vegas after the character of Paw Patrol , and another area named it related to pepper. increase.

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