``Anyone's AI maker'' review that can easily create ``AI specialized in one theme'' such as ``Food critic who eats anything'' and ``Kansai people who are very impressed''

When you tell an interactive AI such as ChatGPT a subject such as ``Be sure to include puns in your reply'', it will generally output the answer according to the instructions. Since ' Anyone AI Maker ' has been released, which allows you to freely create and publish these themes and play with themes made by others, I actually tried using it.

Anyone can be an AI maker | Anyone can be an AI maker


Any AI maker uses the OpenAI API, and any user can create a theme (AI service) for free and receive the output via the OpenAI API. First, I accessed ' Anyone's AI Maker ' to see what kind of AI services are available.

Some of the AI services look like this. AI services such as ``A food critic who eats anything seriously'', ``Defeat the Gekiyaba Dragon'', and ``A conspiracy theory AI that is perfect for you'' are created and published by users. This time, I decided to play with ' A food critic who really eats anything '. Click the play mark to access.

There was an input field 'What to eat?' Click Generate Answers.

Then, the answer by AI was output. AI says, 'It's more like licking rather than eating, and it has a light, slightly watery taste.' It may be worth trying once as a dish that you can feel,' he analyzed the rain in detail and commented splendidly.

This time, play '

Stubborn father who absolutely makes ramen no matter how harsh the situation '. The content of the input is ``My mother, who has a very bad relationship with my wife, accidentally broke her personal belongings, but I am defiant and furious, saying, 'It's bad to leave it in a place like this.' , The stubborn father of the ramen shop will be summoned by the magic circle.” Click “Generate answers with AI”.

The answer is as follows. After successfully completing the ramen, he took care of the relationship between the two.

Now let's create an AI service. Since you need to log in to create an AI service, click 'Login' on the top page.

Click 'Login with Google account'.

After selecting the account to use for login, login is completed.

Next, click 'Create Service' from the top page.

A screen like this will be displayed, so enter the title in 'Title of AI service', enter a brief description of the AI service in 'Description', and then click 'Add prompt parts'.

Choose how to add the prompt. This time, select 'Free input field'.

Next, enter a brief explanation in 'Question to User'. We left the maximum number of characters that the user can answer as the default of 100 characters, and entered 'Please tell us about the attractiveness of Kochi prefecture' as an example of the answer. Then click 'Add fixed prompt just before answer'.

Adding a prompt immediately before an answer allows respondents to skip this prompt. Prompts added here are not visible to respondents. After adding, click 'Add with this content'.

Click Publish when you're done.

You can access the created AI service by clicking the profile icon and clicking 'My service list'.

When you find the AI service, click 'Play'.

It is displayed as follows.

When I actually played it, it responded with emoji as prompted.

You can edit or delete the AI service from the created AI service kebab icon (icon with three dots).

To edit it, click on the icon labeled 'Edit' that appears after you click on the prompt you created.

After making changes, click 'Confirm' and then 'Update Service' to complete the edits.

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