'A function that allows you to edit the original video simply by editing the text transcribed from the video' is added to Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe will release a new version of the video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro on April 13, 2023 ahead of

the 2023 NAB Show , a broadcast and media conference and exhibition to be held in Las Vegas from April 15 to 19, 2023. Announced on Thursday. In this new version, ' transcription-based editing ' that allows you to easily edit videos by copying and pasting text with AI, and ' automatic tone mapping ' that maintains color and contrast consistency even when mixing images from different cameras. and other functions are included.

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Adobe, which develops image editing software Photoshop and video editing software Premiere Pro, has been actively incorporating AI technology into its own software for some time, and the AI technology group called `` Adobe Sensei '' is particularly known.

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In addition, Adobe announced its own generative AI `` Firefly '' in March 2023, and has also clarified its attitude to integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Adobe Premiere Pro offers 'transcription-based editing,' 'automatic tone mapping and LOG color detection,' 'enhanced collaborative editing features, including sequence lock,' 'strengthened format support,' and 'language support for audio-to-text conversion.' It will be a fairly large update, such as the addition of new functions such as 'Add' and 'GPU acceleration for debayering and transition effects'.

Regarding 'transcription-based editing', Adobe evaluates it as 'a feature that fundamentally transforms post-production workflows.' This uses the transcription function installed in Adobe Premiere Pro, and you can edit the video simply by copying and pasting the transcribed text.

AI automatically analyzes the video and generates text, and the video editor simply copies the sentences and pastes them in any order, and the corresponding videos are displayed in order on the timeline. In the past, it was impossible to know when to cut a video without checking the video each time, but by being able to automatically cut based on the dialogue by transcription, the burden on the editor is greatly reduced. .

Also, when the same thing is shot from different cameras or from different positions, the colors and brightness may differ slightly depending on the image.

Conventionally, it was necessary to adjust the colors and brightness of each image before combining images shot from multiple cameras and editing them into a single image. 'Automatic tone mapping and LOG color detection function' automates this work with AI.

In addition, since the sequence being edited is locked and placed in viewing mode, it is possible to prevent others from changing it even during collaborative editing work, and a 'presence indicator' that shows who is working, offline editing, etc. A function called 'offline work' will be added to publish the changes without suddenly overwriting the work of other editors when you return online after working with. In addition, by exporting the project you are working on to

Frame.io , you will be able to safely share and review the project.

Also, support for camera formats such as RED V-Raptor X , ARRI Alexa 35 , Sony Venice 2 , additional languages such as Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, etc. for transcription function, debayering and transition effects There are also community-requested updates, such as GPU acceleration for , and direct export and rendering to Adobe Media Encoder.

In addition, Adobe After Effects, a digital video effects software, has adopted a new 'Properties Panel' that automatically displays the most important settings according to the selected contents. In addition, it seems that overall performance optimization has been realized, such as faster layer selection in the timeline and multi-frame rendering of shapes.

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