I tried Matsuya's 'Beef Japchae set meal' where the sweet and spicy Japchae and the scent of sesame oil stimulate the appetite

From the gyudon chain Matsuya, `` Beef Japchae Set Meal ' ' and `` Japchae Combo Beef Meshi '', which are Korean home-cooked meals ``

Japchae '' made by stir-frying colorful peppers and vermicelli and seasoning them in a sweet and spicy manner in the Matsuya style, will be released in April 2023. It has appeared from the 4th (Tuesday). The scent and flavor of sesame oil is said to be an appetizing dish, so I actually tried it.

New release! Beef Meshi x Japchae 'Beef Chapchae Set Meal / Chapchae Combo Beef Meshi' | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya.

At the shop front, 'Beef Japchae Set Meal' and 'Japchae Combo Beef Meshi' are appealing.

There are “Beef Japchae Set Meal” and “Japchae Combo Beef Meshi” which is beef rice topped with Japchae.

I immediately purchased 'Beef Chapche set meal'.

The container has a two-tiered structure, with ingredients on the top and white rice on the bottom.

Looking at the ingredients nearby, it looks like this. In addition to vermicelli, it can be confirmed that red yellow green peppers, onions, spinach, beef, etc. are included.

When you eat it, the strong scent of sesame oil will whet your appetite, and the next bite will progress. There is almost no spiciness, so even people who don't like spicy Korean food and small children can eat it. The vermicelli is soaked with beef flavor and sauce, and you can feel the flavor of the meat every time you chew. The crunchy texture of colorful peppers and onions was a good accent.

``Beef Japchae set meal'' and ``Japchae combo beef meal'' can be ordered from April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) at Matsuya nationwide except for some stores, and the price of ``Beef Japchae set meal'' is 730 including tax. Yen, double is 1130 yen including tax. Also, the price of 'Japchae Combo Beef Meshi' is 630 yen including tax. Takeout is also available, but miso soup is not included with takeout, so you need to purchase it separately.

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