`` Happy Turn Spice '' sprinkled with Happy Powder's official rival `` Happy Spice '' was a magical candy with a sweet and spicy scent of pepper

Kameda Seika's `` Happy Turn Spice '', which is said to have developed and sprinkled a completely new powder that can compete with the addictive powder `` Happy Powder '' sprinkled on the surface of `` Happy Turn '' on March 27, 2023. Did. It is said that it is 'a unique combination that raises the feeling of addiction', so I actually ate it to see what kind of taste it was.

`` Happy Turn Spice '' New release on March 27 (Monday) A new commercial featuring Chidori that makes you feel ``powder horse'' is also released | Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.


This is the 'Happy Turn Spice' package.

Raw materials such as glutinous rice, sugar, chicken extract powder,

mirepoix powder, etc. are used.

The calorie is 376 kcal per bag.

The opening has a chuck. This is an `` addictive stopper '' established to `` prevent overeating unintentionally ''.

Happy Turn Spice looks like this.

Compared to the usual '

Happy Turn (left)', you can see that the Happy Turn Spice (right) is slightly browned and a colorful mysterious powder is added.

It's time to eat. The base definitely has the usual happy turn 'sweet and spicy taste', but the taste and scent of pepper is added to it, giving you a tingling sensation. Furthermore, since the flavor like consommé soup is slightly felt, the impression that the complexity of the taste has definitely increased compared to the regular version. However, I felt that the saltiness was slightly weakened compared to the regular version, probably because the presence of pepper was strong.

'Happy Turn Spice' is on sale in 73g and 35g depending on the content. The reference retail price is around 220 yen for the former and around 130 yen for the latter.

On Amazon.co.jp, 12 bags of 73g are sold for 2492 yen including tax.

Amazon | Kameda Seika Happy Turn Spice 73g x 12 bags | Happy Turn |

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