Ubisoft announces AI ``Ghostwriter'' that automatically generates lines of countless NPCs appearing in the game

Ubisoft La Forge , the research and development department of Ubisoft , known as the developer of the Assassin's Creed series, has announced ' Ghostwriter ', an AI tool that automatically creates dialogue for NPCs that appear in the game.

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Ghostwriter, announced by Ubisoft on March 22, 2023, will generate the first manuscript of NPC dialogue (phrases and sounds emitted by NPCs when the player enters the game world) and support the scriptwriter. It is an AI tool developed independently for the purpose. It was developed in collaboration with the screenwriter to realize more realistic interactions with NPCs by generating multiple variations of lines.

Below is an introduction video of Ghostwriter by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft is Developing an AI Ghostwriter to Save Scriptwriters Time-YouTube

Noise, such as crowd chatter and NPC dialogue, is one of the essential elements to enhance the immersion of the game.

And behind such casual lines, there is a scenario team that writes the lines.

Ghostwriter was developed to help such a scenario team.

Ghostwriter is an AI tool developed by Ubisoft La Forge, the research and development arm of Ubisoft, that helps scenario writers and screenwriters create casual conversations uttered by NPCs.

To output dialogue with Ghostwriter, you first need to input the events and situations experienced by the character as variables. After that, Ghostwriter will generate new lines for you according to the selected mode.

The line output by Ghostwriter is 'I used to be an adventurer like you.'

In the ghost icon part, you can set what kind of emotion the NPC's lines are spoken, such as 'Motivate Me' and 'Talk Pretty'.

Ghostwriter outputs multiple lines, so the scriptwriter selects one of them.

Furthermore, you can freely edit the lines output by Ghostwriter.

As the scriptwriter accepts and regenerates dialogue options, the machine learning model learns from each choice and grows to generate dialogue more effectively. Ghostwriter was developed in collaboration with the scenario team to help them complete repetitive tasks more quickly and effectively. As a result, Ubisoft explains, ``The scenario team will be able to concentrate on more creative work such as scenario creation, rather than the task of creating NPC lines.''

Also, with the introduction of Ghostwriter, players will be able to meet NPCs that are interesting, consistent, talkative and full of personality.

Game media VGC reported that ``Ubisoft has announced a new AI tool that supports scriptwriters by generating manuscripts in dialogue with NPCs,'' Ubisoft's official Twitter account said, ``This title has a' tool is created in collaboration with the scriptwriter” and that “it is for creating variations of the short dialogue that NPCs repeatedly say” is missing.”

In addition, Ubisoft, which developed Ghostwriter, is also developing other AI tools, and in November 2022, in collaboration with rival company Riot Games, malicious behavior in the game is a moderation tool using AI. We have announced a project called 'Zero Harm in Comms' to detect.

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