Interviews with various creators supporting the game industry are being disclosed as to what experts are involved in game production

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Games that make people crazy from children to adults are made with division of labor by many professionals according to their contents, such as stories, pictures and music. Interviews with a wide variety of creators who play an active role in the game industry,VG 247It is published in.

"Game design is like architecture" - video game jobs listed by those who do them - VG247

◆ Game Designer
Game designer Brenda Romero has been involved in game production for more than 30 years. Originally I liked the game, but I did not remember clearly decided to enter the game industry. Also, at the universityTechnical writingHe seems to have majored in, and he did not say that he was studying game design expertly, Romero says. However, starting work related to the game, working with a lot of game designers, Mr. Romero learned various things on the scene.

In response to the question "What is the role of a game designer?" Romero replied, "The game designer is similar to an architect". In order to build a house, you first have to write a design drawing and you have to consider many systems such as electricity and heating to write a design drawing. Romero talks about designing all of the game including the system, including paying attention to character creation · game theme · game user interface (UI).

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◆ Producer
UbisoftsoQuality Assurance (QA)Sally Blake, who worked for 6 years as a member, worked as a game tester for about a year and a half after leaving the company and then began to make way as a producer afterwards. Mr. Blake has long loved video games since long ago, and it was said that the goal was to work in the game industry.

According to Mr. Blake, the work content of the producer is "to promote communication among development teams" and "to guarantee the highest quality possible within a limited period and budget". To that end, we must constantly communicate with a lot of people, solve many problems, make production plans and constantly update our progress and strive to relax the risks of the project, Blake says that he feels challenging.

◆ Story designer
Sophie · Marinson is a freelance translator who is involved in the task of translating the game into English at the beginning, but as of May 2018Arkane StudiosI am working as a story designer. When I was working at free, I wrote a column about games on the net while doing a bite at a supermarket or a fast food store, and I was doing game making by myself.

The story designer will do the work of dropping the story thought by the designer and the script writer into the game. According to Mr. Mr. Mr. Marinson, he concluded that the contents of the game are related to the game story, such as thinking about sentences and character's lines to be displayed in the game, casting voice actors and acting guidance. In work at a large production studio, it seems necessary to talk with other staff such as artists, programmers, game designers and so on many times.

◆ Character artists
Liz Edwards who studied computer game art at Teesside University in the UK got a master's degree in video game development at Birmingham City University. The research team at Birmingham City University is in an environment like a small game development studio and Mr. Edwards was in charge of character art in the team.

After graduating from college, Mr. Edwards got a job at Creative Assembly,Total War: WARHAMMERIt is said that he was designing creatures of. Mr. Edwards creates a high resolution 3DCG model of the character from the given concept art, then creates a low resolution model to incorporate into the game based on it, defines colors and materials and textures the character He said that he was doing the job of making his own model from the beginning to the end.

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◆ Concept Artist
Anna Horinlakek is studying game art at De Montfort, and he is involved in the game industry from indie game development.

Concept artists are in charge of designing architectural styles, lighting, costumes, etc. of buildings that appear in the game, they will sketch and decide on the spot while discussing with the game designer. Mr. Horringleyk says, "Many of the concept art is not so attractive compared to the actual game screen, it will tell you what it looks like ultimately as quickly and clearly as possible, I will not do it. "

◆ AI programmer
Programmer Alex Darby is majoring in computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive psychology at the university, and since 1996 he has been involved in the game industry as a programmer. Initially I was designing AI for domestic racing games, but I was told that my work has shifted to a game designer. In 2010 he moved to the indie games industry, and he seems to be making games while running the company himself.

According to Mr. Derby, although AI is important for controlling other than the parts operated by humans in the game, the assembly is totally different depending on the game. For example, in the race game AI, you need to calculate the best racing line and respond appropriately to avoid other cars. Mr. Derby designed AI so that he can mathematically predict the movement mathematically using calculus, physics, 3D orbit data, etc. in order to operate the car with the optimal speed and racing line.

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Mr. Derby claims that it is necessary to firmly understand the knowledge of physics, engineering and human psychology in order to build the game AI. Also, Mr. Derby seems to read books of mathematics and engineering on a daily basis and is studying.

◆ Physical Software Engineer
"Mass Effect: Andromeda"Alec Kamala, who was in charge of the physical calculation program of" FIFA ", was a career almost unlikely to have any relationship with a game that got a master's degree in theoretical physics and a doctorate in optics. However, Mr. Kamara who is uncertain about the future will give up researchers' dreams and take advantage of hobby game creation to employment in EA. So, starting to work as a physical software engineer is that Mr. Kamara is the opportunity to be involved in the game industry.

Kamala insists that if the movement of things such as water, wind, cloth, ballistic and so on is reduced to a certain extent in the game, the feeling of immersion of the player will be impaired. Moreover, in order to reproduce these in the game, it is necessary to have advanced knowledge of physics and knowledge of high-level language such as C # · UX. It seems necessary to reproduce the problem by myself, calculate it, and analyze it because it will expand as a bug with a slight mistake in calculations and invisibly small errors. Mr. Kamara talks, not to challenge himself by himself alone but to cooperate with a lot of people in various game projects and do his work.

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◆ Technical artist
Mr. Luke Masqel has been from teensCounter strikeofMOD(Remodeling data), and I was studying game design at university. Masukel was originally about a job to technically support the visual part of the game in a small indies division, but then he joined Sony and playstation Vita's "Killzone Mercenary"And PlayStation VR's"RIGS Machine Combat League"Which is scheduled to be released in June, 2018Jurassic World EvolutionIt is also involved in the development of ". You can see what game "Jurassic World Evolution" is in the following movie.

Jurassic World Evolution Pre-Order Trailer - YouTube

Masquer's job title at Jurassic World Evolution is "senior technical artist" and it is a task to make technically reproduce the animation displayed in the game. Many dinosaurs are displayed in animation in Jurassic World Evolution, but Masquer is said to have developed a doll reproducing the skeleton of the dinosaur to make animation. Of course, the job seems to have done not only the parts related to these animations, but also development of tools and improvement of programs.

◆ Composers
It is work of composers and sound designers to produce music and sound effects flowing in the game. Gavin Harrison is a composer / sound designer who has been in the game industry for about 8 years. Music seems to have learned almost self-taught, except that it took lessons at the church organ, and he seems to be doing composition work for television and movies besides games.

Harrison said that he is asking for freedom to say his own opinion and to be able to compose freely in all involved projects. Many game designers and producers have a single word about game music, but Harrison says that they are not cooperating with those who disapprove of their opinion, which is a sound designer I will.

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In addition to composing BGM, it is the responsibility of the sound designer to take responsibility for all the acoustical aspects of the game including sound effects, and it is the responsibility of the sound designer to give the player a "consistent experience" that does not impair the atmosphere of the game Harrison says it is important to give it.

◆ voice actor
Sissy Jones says "walking Dead"Or"Life is strangeIt is a voice actor who has also appeared on. In addition to hitting the characters appearing in the game, he said he is also active in CM, animation, trailers, promotion videos, and so on.

Also, as players listen carefully to get hints to advance the game, Mr. Jones says he must perform without hesitation, even when playing just NPC.

In addition, there are interviews with various experts such as battle designer, system designer, UI artist, QA, environmental artist, etc. It is possible to read from the following link.

"Game design is like architecture" - video game jobs listed by those who do them - VG247

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