Downloading Chrome using Microsoft's Edge shows multiple warnings to stop


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As of December 2021, about 70% of the web browser share in Japan is said to be Google Chrome . On the other hand, since Windows' default browser is Microsoft Edge , many users should try to download Chrome using Edge. It is reported that some users who downloaded Chrome with such Edge will receive a warning to prevent Chrome download and continue using Edge.

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Two types of warnings will be displayed when trying to install Chrome using Edge. One is displayed when you visit a Chrome website. The other is that when the download of Chrome starts, a message appears on the screen that reads, 'Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.' will add Microsoft's credibility to)' warning.

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Neowin responds to the word 'trust' displayed in the warning, 'trust as the default browser when the power is turned on for the first time' and 'trust to forcibly display recommended content such as the Discover function '. 'Trust that you can't remove Edge from your computer,' he quips.

Similar to Microsoft displaying a warning recommending Edge, Google is also displaying a popup recommending Chrome. However, in the case of Google, the warning will only be displayed when you open the Google website. Also, when you try to download another browser using Chrome, you will not be warned to continue using Chrome.

Note that this warning is no longer displayed in the latest version of Edge. Neowin says, 'This warning seems to be only displayed in some regions and for some users.'

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