``Windows 11 is turning into spyware'' and Microsoft's privacy violation is pointed out

It is reported that Windows 10 is sending data to Microsoft's server even if the privacy setting is turned off, and it is rumored that information such as children's Internet browsing history and copyright infringement is automatically sent. , Microsoft is often accused of violating user privacy. Windows 11 is also viewed as a problem from a privacy perspective, and it has been pointed out that it is 'spyware' that sends information to many services, including various third-party services.

Has Windows become Spyware?-YouTube

Windows 11: a spyware machine out of users' control? | TechSpot

The PC Security Channel (TPSC) , which posts movies related to cybersecurity, released a movie called 'Has Windows become Spyware?' on January 30, 2023. In the movie, in order to see in detail what is happening on the network, we use the network protocol analyzer Wireshark to investigate how Windows communicates with the external server.

I just installed Windows 11 on a brand new laptop and checked with Wireshark that Windows 11 immediately tried to access an external server right after the first boot, without any prior user permission or choice. TPSC reports. Among the TPSC discoveries are not only connecting to online services provided by Microsoft such as MSN , the search engine Bing, and Windows Update, but also Steam, McAfee, and Internet Trends and Behavior Research and Reports. It seems that important information was also conveyed to third-party apps such as Scorecard Research , a market research company that conducts business.

The TPSC further stated, 'Many of the initial DNS queries in Windows 11 were directed to market research firms, advertising providers, and even geolocation -related domains that deal with users' location data, without requiring permissions or web browsing activity, telemetry . It's designed to provide data captured by a technique called (telemetering) .The latest and greatest Windows operating system seems designed from the start to spy on everyone.' increase. In fact, when TPSC used Wireshark on Windows XP released in 2001 for comparison, it only connected to services related to Windows Update, and did not conduct any market research or browsing tracking.

TPSC warns users that ``Windows 11 will still send something online, even if telemetry can be turned off with a third-party utility.''

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