UFO-related materials from the Brazilian government that ``tracked 21 UFOs''

The U.S. government recognizes videos of

unidentified flying objects (UFOs) taken by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015 as genuine , and publishes the videos on YouTube. Not only the American government releases materials related to UFOs, but the Brazilian government also releases its own UFO-related materials to the public.

Official UFO Night in Brazil

Since Brazil's Freedom of Information Law (LAI) was enacted in May 2012, UFO-related materials have been made available to the public at the country's National Archives, and are said to be the most viewed and popular content at the facility. is. In addition, UFO-related materials seem to be the most frequently requested information requests made to the Brazilian government. The Brazilian government notes that since the LAI came into effect, public institutions have been flooded with requests for information disclosure regarding UFOs.

As a result, the Brazilian Air Force has decided to transfer most of its UFO-related materials to the National Archives. The first freedom of information request regarding UFOs was made on May 17, 2012, the day after the LAI came into force, and was a 'request for access to all documents related to UFOs,' the Brazilian government said. It is written down.

UFO-related materials stored at the National Archives of Brazil include reports from people who have witnessed UFOs, reports from people who have said they were taken away by UFOs, and UFO photos, videos, audio, and documents. It seems that there is. With the transfer of these materials to the National Archives, in 1969 Brazil established the Unidentified Aerial Object Investigation System (SIOANI), an organization to scientifically investigate UFOs, which are considered paranormal phenomena. It is known that it was established.

One of the materials related to UFO.

To celebrate LAI, the Brazilian government is releasing some of the UFO-related materials stored in the National Archives. One of the documents released is that on May 19, 1986, a total of 21 UFOs were sighted in four Brazilian states: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Goias.

The size of the UFOs seen on May 19th varies, but some were reportedly up to 100 meters in diameter. Reports of UFO sightings have been received from civilians and military personnel, and the radar of the Brazilian Air Force's Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Center also detected a UFO at the same time, and five Brazilian Air Force fighter jets It is launched under orders from the operations center and is tasked with intercepting UFOs.

Sergio Mota, an air traffic controller at the Joint Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Center at the time, said, ``At times, the pilots made visual contact with the targets, but the radar recorded nothing.'' On another occasion, the radar detected an object, but the pilot was unable to see it visually.''

Later, at 16:30 on May 23, 1986, Brigadier General Octavio Julio Moreira Lima, then Brazil's Minister of Aviation, held a press conference and announced that 5 fighter jets had tracked 21 UFOs. I'm telling the media. During a press conference, Brigadier General Lima said, 'It's not about whether you believe in (extraterrestrial life or flying saucers) or not. We can only provide technical information. There are some assumptions, but the technical explanation is I can't do that,'' he said.

The press conference was attended by the five pilots on board the fighter jet and the air traffic controller who was working in the control room at the time. During the press conference, Brigadier General Lima said that he would prepare a report detailing the circumstances of the UFO encounter, and this report is kept among the UFO-related materials at the National Archives. is.

The report states, ``The command tracked the observed object and kept its distance, but since this object had the ability to fly in formation, it was considered intelligent even if it was not manned.'' This has been confirmed.''

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