Google is testing a new chatbot 'Apprentice Bard' like ChatGPT

Google is reportedly testing a new AI-powered chat tool. Google has

declared `` Code Red '' for the appearance of chat AI ` ` ChatGPT '' that allows natural dialogue with humans, and shows a sense of crisis in the emergence of products that could compete with Google.

Google testing ChatGPT-like chatbot 'Apprentice Bard' with employees

According to CNBC, Google is experimentally developing a chat AI named `` Apprentice Bard '' based on the conversation-specific AI ` ` LaMDA '' that realizes natural conversation. We are asking for feedback from our employees. Furthermore, it seems that the possibility of incorporating this AI into the search engine is also being considered.

Speaking of LaMDA, it is Google's unique model that allows you to create natural sentences so that there was a commotion that the engineer involved in the development claimed that 'AI has grown consciousness'. Like ChatGPT, Apprentice Bard is said to be an AI that can answer questions from humans with natural sentences, but unlike ChatGPT, Apprentice Bard can include recent events in its answers. it is.

This product test was conducted in response to the explosive popularity of ChatGPT, and Google has ordered the LaMDA team to prioritize ChatGPT support, CNBC reports. It was already reported that Google had reorganized some of its internal groups and modified its AI strategy to deal with the threat that ChatGPT could pose.

A Google spokesperson said, 'We have long been focused on developing and deploying AI to improve people's lives. We believe that AI is incredibly useful and transformative for individuals, businesses and communities. We believe that AI technology is a powerful technology and we need to consider the social impact of these innovations.We continue to test our AI technology internally to make sure it is useful and safe. We look forward to sharing more information in the near future.'

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