It is reported that Apple plans to release an iPad-based smart home display in 2024 against Amazon and others

Apple will launch smart home devices with displays like

Google's Nest Hub and Amazon's Echo Show , as well as set-top boxes with faster processors from the first half of 2024. It is reported that it will be released on

Apple Smart Home Devices: New Lineup to Take On Amazon, Google - Bloomberg

Bloomberg reports Apple is working on a smart display and new Apple TV - The Verge

Bloomberg's Mark Garman, familiar with Apple-related leaks, said, ``Apple is working on a new low-end iPad for smart home control, a new Apple TV, and more for a 2024 launch. We are also considering a large smart screen.”

Smart home devices with displays already exist, such as Google's 'Google Nest Hub' and Amazon's 'Echo Show,' but the smart home display that Apple plans to release is positioned as a competitor to those products. increase.


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The smart home display, which Apple is rumored to launch in 2024, will feature a display similar to the iPad, with features such as FaceTime chat and HomeKit controlling air conditioning and lighting.

Apple's smart home display has a built-in magnet on the back and is said to be a more homely gadget than a regular iPad by attaching it to a wall or refrigerator.

In addition, it is reported that Apple plans to release a new Apple TV with a faster processor in the first half of 2024, but it is expected that Apple TV in 2024 will not support 8K video streaming playback.

In addition, it was reported in 2021 that a new TV accessory that combines the elements of Apple TV and a camera for FaceTime with the smart speaker ' HomePod ' was planned to be released, but this project was still under development at the time of writing the article. considered to be in stages.

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