I tried eating `` Fuwatama white cutlet bowl '', a mellow egg with a plump texture and a tonkatsu with a crispy texture that matches chopsticks

At Katsuya, a tonkatsu specialty store, you can enjoy “

Fuwatoro Tamago” made with white dashi stock and white onions, and “ Fuwatama Shirokatsudon ”, which is a tonkatsu dish accented with oysters and oyster soy sauce on top of rice. will appear on Friday, January 13, 2023. It is said that it is a cup with a full volume of tonkatsu and fluffy eggs without binding, so I actually tried it.

[2023 starting from white] Introducing the unbound “Fuwatama White Katsudon”! |Press release from Arkland Service Holdings Co., Ltd.

Arrive at Katsuya.

At the store, 'Fuwatama white cutlet bowl' is appealing.

So, I took out. Fuwatama white cutlet bowl has two types of menus, `` Fuwatama white cutlet bowl (plum) '' corresponding to normal size and `` Fuwatama white cutlet bowl (bamboo) '' corresponding to large serving, but this time it is fluffy I bought Tama white cutlet bowl (plum).

It looks like this when you open the lid.

On top of the rice are thick-sliced tonkatsu, as well as fluffy eggs mixed with white onions and trefoil leaves.

When I try to eat it, I feel the texture and sweetness of fluffy eggs. In addition, the crispy tonkatsu is accented with oyster soy sauce, giving the impression that it matches well with the sweet egg.

Katsuya's 'Fuwatama White Katsudon' can be ordered at Katsuya nationwide from Friday, January 13, 2023, and the price is 702 yen including tax for 'Fuwatama White Katsudon (plum)' for both takeout and in-store menus. 'Fuwatama white cutlet bowl (bamboo)' is 853 yen including tax.

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