All flights across the US temporarily canceled due to computer system glitch

Around 21:00 on January 11, 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) system went down, and all aircraft across the United States were ordered to ground. More than 10,000 flights were delayed or canceled, affecting many passengers.

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According to the FAA, the system down was due to an abnormality in the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which warns the pilot of potential dangers on the flight route. The FAA said in a preliminary investigation that corrupted database files were the cause, adding that there was no evidence of a cyberattack, and that it would continue to investigate.

NOTAMs are notifications that contain important information for people involved in aircraft operations, and are used for urgent communications that are difficult to communicate by other means. Information on changing conditions such as weather, volcanic activity, airspace restrictions, and abnormal situations such as parachutes, rocket launches, and military exercises, as well as abnormalities in airspace and airports such as icing, lighting failures, and flocks of birds. to let you know.

According to people involved, NOTAM had a backup system separate from the main system, but bad data was entered in both systems. In addition, Dmitri Alperovic, who is familiar with cybersecurity, pointed out that ``it was not caused by malicious vandalism, but by an inappropriate update.''

The FAA ordered airports across the United States to suspend takeoffs at 21:19 on the 11th, but lifted it at 22:50. However, as of the next day, the 12th, delays and cancellations continue, and the system has not been completely restored. More than 10,000 flights were affected, and more than 2 million passengers on domestic flights are said to have been affected.

President Joe Biden said through a White House press secretary, ``I received an explanation from the Secretary of Transportation about the FAA system outage.There is no evidence of a cyber attack at this time, but I have instructed the Department of Transportation to thoroughly investigate the cause. The FAA will provide regular updates .'

As of 20:29 on January 11, Japan time, the FAA reported that ``We are working to restore NOTAM.We are currently conducting final verification and reloading the system.''

As of 21:19, 'I have ordered the airline to suspend all domestic departures until 9:00 am Eastern time (23:00 Japan time) to verify the integrity of flight and safety information.' Announced.

At 22:50, ``Normal air traffic operations are gradually resuming nationwide. Ground stops (takeoff suspension measures) have been lifted. We are still investigating the cause of the first problem,'' tweeted.

At 8:31 on the following day, 12th, ``A preliminary investigation revealed that the cause of the failure was damage to the database file.At this time, there is no evidence of a cyber attack.''

Comparing the flight radar (left) around the time the ground stop was issued with the same time (right) as the previous week , it looks like this. According to statistics, as of 21:20 on the 11th, there were about 700 fewer flights than the previous week.

A passenger stranded at Orlando International Airport tweeted an image of a billboard showing a total of 341 flights being delayed.

A state of passengers who were also stranded at Orlando International Airport.

The state of passengers lined up at the kiosk at Midway Airport was also filmed.

Conclusion that ``file deletion by contractor'' was the cause of temporary cancellation of flights across the United States due to system failure - GIGAZINE

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