Meta Oversight Board Announces Opinion That 'Death To Khamenei' Slogan Is Allowed


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On January 9, 2023, the Supervisory Board , a third-party body that reviews responses to content posted on Facebook and Instagram, issued a ``death to Khamenei'' statement in memory of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei . announced that it invalidated Meta's decision to delete a post criticizing the government as '. This will allow freedom activists in Iran to continue using the slogan 'Death to Khamenei' on Facebook.

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Iran: Meta oversight board agrees to allow 'death to Khamenei' posts | Middle East Eye

This announcement was triggered by a caricature posted on Facebook in July 2022. The image, posted by a Facebook user to a group claiming to support freedom in Iran, showed Khamenei's beard forming a fist and capturing a hijab-wearing, blindfolded woman yelling, 'I'm a woman.' It was drawn that he said, 'There is something forbidden.'

The image is captioned in Persian with the words 'marg bar anti-women Islamic government' and 'marg bar filthy leader Khamenei'. It was written.

Meta moderators were notified of the post, determined it violated the Community Standards on Violence and Incitement, removed it, and imposed sanctions on the poster's account, including limiting group actions for 30 days. I taught. The poster filed an appeal with Meta, but it was rejected by the automated system and was not reviewed. Therefore, the poster filed a new objection to the supervisory board.

The focal point of this case is the expression 'marg bar'. This phrase literally translates to 'death to...' and may be a policy violation if it leads to a specific threat to an individual. However, ``marg bar'' has also been used in contexts that customarily criticize politicians and others to ``get them kicked out''. For example, the slogan 'marg bar Khamenei' has been widely used in nationwide protests in Iran following the September 2022 incident in which a woman died shortly after being arrested for wearing a scarf. I'm here.

From this point of view, the supervisory committee determined that ``the deletion of this post is not in line with the Meta community regulations, the values that Meta respects, and Meta's responsibility to protect human rights,'' and deleted the post to Meta. instructed to withdraw. As a result, the post was reinstated and reviewers were informed that the statement 'marg bar Khamanei' did not violate policy in the context of the Iranian protests.

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