New York City bans students and teachers from using ChatGPT

It turns out that the New York City Department of Education has blocked access to the high-precision chat AI 'ChatGPT' from school computers and networks.

NYC bans access to ChatGPT on school computers, networks - Chalkbeat New York

NYC Bans Students and Teachers from Using ChatGPT

``ChatGPT'' announced in November 2022 is characterized by its high accuracy that allows discussion and chat as if it were a human being, but on the other hand, ``At first glance, it is a good sentence, Because it may output 'sentences that are not actually established', it has been banned from use in the knowledge community Stack Overflow.

Conversation AI 'ChatGPT' answer posting is temporarily banned on Stack Overflow, a coding Q & A site-GIGAZINE

New York City students and teachers were newly banned from using ChatGPT, and they did not issue a ban, but in the first place took measures to block access to ChatGPT from terminals and networks in the education sector.

According to the New York City Department of Education, this was due to 'negative effects on student learning and concerns about the safety and accuracy of the content,' spokeswoman Jenna Lyle said, 'ChatGPT responded to questions. They may provide quick and concise answers, but they fail to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for academic and lifelong success.'

According to Chalkbeat, which handles educational information in New York City, it is unknown whether similar measures are being taken in other municipalities. In addition, it was only access from the terminal / network of the education department that was blocked, so it seems that there is no problem accessing ChatGPT from home, for example.

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