Saying 'thank you' to Amazon's Alexa will pay a $5 tip to overworked delivery drivers

Drivers responsible for Amazon's

last mile play an important role for users seeking products, but the work environment is harsh, with reports of problems with urinating in plastic bottles and a relatively high injury rate . Some say there is. It turned out that Amazon implemented a function to send a 'chip' to such a driver by the user's voice.

'Alexa, thank my driver': Here's the simple way Amazon customers can show delivery drivers appreciation this holiday season

Amazon will give your overworked delivery driver $5 if you ask Alexa to say thank you | TechCrunch

A new feature is that when a user says 'Alexa, thank the driver' to Alexa, the driver who delivered the item most recently will be notified of the thank you. In addition, to commemorate the introduction of this feature, Amazon will pay a tip of $ 5 (about 680 yen) to the first 1 million drivers who received a thank you notice. In addition, the five drivers who received the most 'thank you' during the period will receive $ 10,000 (about 1,360,000 yen), and each person will donate $ 10,000 to their desired charity.

An Amazon spokesperson said, ``Drivers don't just deliver packages. They build relationships with customers, support communities in difficult times, and sometimes act like unexpected heroes.Amazon has been around for many years. We've been working hard to improve and invest in our delivery drivers, and we appreciate these everyday heroes and are excited to give our customers the ability to help them.'

According to Amazon's website , drivers' hourly wages range from $18 (about 2500 yen) to $25 (about 3400 yen). Amazon just announced in September 2022 that it plans to raise the average hourly wage of these drivers and warehouse workers who organize packages by about $ 1 (about 137 yen), but such an investment is a $ 5 wage increase demanded by the union. Far from it, unions are complaining.

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