Settlement for a case where Amazon was 'pinning' a logistics driver's chip for about 6.5 billion yen


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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for about $ 61,715,583 (about 6,480,000 yen) for the case where Amazon was pinning the tip paid to the driver of ' Amazon Flex ' that outsources the delivery business to a sole proprietor ) And reconciled. The FTC will cover the full amount of the settlement against the pinned driver.

Amazon To Pay $ 61.7 Million to Settle FTC Charges It Withheld Some Customer Tips from Amazon Flex Drivers | Federal Trade Commission

Amazon to pay $ 61.7 million to drivers after withholding tips --Los Angeles Times

Amazon Flex is a program that outsources delivery work to a driver who owns a black number light truck as a sole proprietor. In Japan, drivers are being recruited with promotional phrases such as 'up to 390,000 to 440,000 yen per month', 'decide the working area and time yourself', and 'work freely at your own pace'.

Amazon Flex | Outsource directly to Amazon. Looking for delivery partners

In the United States, the advertising phrase 'guaranteed an hourly wage of $ 18 to $ 25 (about 1900 to 2600 yen)' and 'you can receive the full amount of the tip paid' was used. However, in reality, in order to guarantee an hourly wage of 18 to 25 dollars, Amazon has taken the means of 'compensating from the tip'.

The incident was discovered by a report from a driver. The driver undertook an order to 'deliver the luggage ordered by his family to his home' and paid himself $ 12 (about 1300 yen) as a tip. The working hours on this day are one and a half hours, which is $ 27 (about 2800 yen) when converted from the hourly wage. I should have received a total of $ 39 (about 4100 yen) including the tip, but the actual amount paid was about $ 30 (about 3200 yen).

When FTC, which received multiple such reports, asked to submit logs regarding Amazon Flex's payment policy, Amazon unilaterally changed the rules for chips. He told the driver by e-mail that he would no longer use the tip to cover his basic salary and would notify him of the breakdown of the amount received for each order.

In response to a series of problems, on February 2, 2021 local time, Amazon paid about $ 61,715,583, which was allegedly pinned to the FTC, as a settlement and tipped without a written agreement with the driver. We have accepted the restriction that we will not make changes to the amount received or misrepresent salaries or tips. FTC Secretary Rohit Chopra said, 'This order rescues drivers who have been victims of Amazon's anti-competitive deception.' 'FTC is a technology platform that tricks workers into competing with the law. We need to carefully consider whether we are doing anti-competitive acts that crush them by illegal means. '

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