Petitions to Dismiss Lawsuit by Hans Niemann Alleged Chess AI Fraud

Grandmaster Hans Niemann, who is

suspected of cheating using AI in a chess tournament, conspired with Magnus Carlsen and the online chess platform to put himself down and defame him. ), petitioned the court to dismiss the lawsuit as ``There is no profit in Mr. Niemann's lawsuit, it is just a publicity act.'' Says Hans Niemann's $100M Lawsuit is a 'Public Relations Stunt' in Motion to Dismiss

The following article summarizes how Mr. Niemann was suspected of fraud and the case in which Mr. Niemann sued and Mr. Carlsen.

Hans Niemann, suspected of AI fraud in chess, fights back, sues and Magnus Carlsen for $ 100 million - GIGAZINE

In a complaint filed on December 2, 2022, gave Hans Niemann an opportunity to explain his wrongdoing, but rather made public's private conduct. and claimed to have filed this lawsuit. On top of that, we are requesting dismissal that the lawsuit is so meritless that it can only be thought that it was raised as a public relations activity, and that the court should not allow this lawsuit to proceed.

In addition to Carlsen and, who pointed out the suspicions, Mr. Niemann also sued Grandmaster Daniel Rensch, who is involved in I just wanted to raise the profile,' he said.'s attorneys told news site Vice, ``As the allegations make clear, believes Hans Niemann's allegations are without merit. We are filing a legal claim so that we can focus on growing chess for our fans inside.'

Niemann has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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