Succeeded in running image generation AI 'Stable Diffusion' with Intel Arc

In recent years, AI ``

Stable Diffusion '' that generates images simply by entering text (prompts) has attracted a lot of attention, but Stable diffusion is basically designed to perform calculations with NVIDIA GPUs. and is not intended to perform computations on third-party GPUs. However, `` stable_diffusion_arc '' developed by programmer rahulunair has succeeded in running Stable Diffusion on Intel's GPU `` Intel Arc ''.

GitHub - rahulunair/stable_diffusion_arc: Stable Diffusion inference on Intel Arc dGPUs

'Stable Diffusion' published by Stability AI is an AI that can generate images according to the input sentences (prompts). Keywords such as 'a bear playing on the beach' and 'a girl eating ice cream' generate images with a quality that exceeds your imagination.

In order to use Stable Diffusion, it was necessary to prepare a computer equipped with an NVIDIA GPU , so the hurdles to use were initially high, and not everyone could get their hands on it. However, Stable Diffusion has been developed as an open source, and has succeeded in operating on a relatively low-spec computer, operating with only a CPU, and operating with an application on a smartphone.

This time, rahulunair uses a 16GB model of Intel Arc A770 to run Stable Diffusion.

To run Stable Diffusion on Intel Arc, you need the machine learning libraries PyTorch or TensorFlow . To use PyTorch with Intel Arc, the latest version of Intel extensions for PyTorch or ipex is required .

It takes about 60 seconds to generate the first image, and about 30 seconds after that.

Below is an image generated by running Stable Diffusion using PyTorch on Intel Arc. Also, the prompt for this image is 'vivid red hot air ballons over paris in the evening'.

Also, the following images are images using TensorFlow. The prompt is the same as PyTorch, 'vivid red hot air ballons over paris in the evening'.

``All Intel Arc setup was done on Linux,'' rahulunair said.

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