'Firefox 107' official release, WebExtensions development with DevTools more convenient

The official version of the web browser 'Firefox 107' has been released. DevTools, a must-have for front-end web development, has been enhanced to make it more convenient to develop

WebExtensions , which are add-ons that can be used with Firefox and others.

Firefox 107.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

◆ Enhanced DevTools for WebExtensions development
Several improvements have been made to Firefox DevTools to make debugging WebExtensions easier.

- When using the webext command line tool to run and test WebExtensions, there is now a new option to automatically open DevTools as needed. However, the prerequisite for using this function is that the version of the web-ext npm package is 7.3.0 or higher.
$ webext run --devtools


- DevTools inspection for popup windows implemented by WebExtension is now easier.

・If you change the source code of WebExtension, you can check the changes more quickly than before by pressing the 'Reload' button in the DevTools toolbox.

◆ Performance improvement on Windows 11
Improved performance when

Microsoft IME and Microsoft Defender retrieve the focused document URL on Windows 11 version 22H2.

◆ Added support for power profiling
Power profiling is a function that visualizes and reports the power usage of websites recorded by a browser, and was released in Firefox 104 as a function limited to Windows 11 and Macs with Apple silicon, but in addition to these, Intel CPU Now also supports Linux and Mac with it.

◆ contain-intrinsic-size property
The contain-intrinsic-size shorthand CSS property now lets you specify the size of UI elements under the influence of size containment . This allows the user agent to determine the size of the element without rendering the child elements.

◆Bug fix for enterprise version Firefox
The following bugs have been fixed in theEnterprise version of Firefox 107 .

Fixed an issue where controls in settings were not disabled when credit card autofill settings were locked
Fixed an issue where the 'More Troubleshooting Information...' menu item was disabled when using the BlockAboutSupport policy.

◆ Removed functions
The non-standard and deprecated SVGSVGElement.useCurrentView property has been removed.

Firefox 107 also includes 19 security bug fixes .

The next major version, 'Firefox 108', will be released on December 13, 2022, local time.

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