SpaceX is binge-buying Twitter ad space

Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle maker Tesla and space development company SpaceX , became CEO of the company after acquiring Twitter in October 2022. Before and after the acquisition of Twitter by Mr. Mask, advertisers who are concerned about Twitter's lawlessness in the mask system and the increase in fake accounts are accelerating to leave Twitter. Meanwhile, it became clear that SpaceX purchased more than $ 160,000 (about 22 million yen) of Twitter advertising space.

SpaceX just bought a big ad campaign on Twitter for Starlink

Mr. Mask has argued that ``Twitter should uphold freedom of speech to protect democracy,'' even before executing the acquisition of Twitter, and advertisers said, ``Twitter's content moderation has been relaxed, and it is illegal. Content and extreme content will increase,' was pointed out. Mr. Musk told advertisers the day before the acquisition of Twitter, ``Don't be a freewheeling hellscape where Twitter can't be punished for anything. We have to comply and welcome everyone warmly.' A major advertising company has developed into a situation calling for a temporary suspension of advertising on Twitter.

Advertisers who feared the lawlessness of Twitter due to the Elon Mask system stopped placing advertisements one after another - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, in November 2022, a large number of fake accounts appeared due to the abuse of the paid authenticated badge granting service announced by Mr. Mask as part of Twitter's drastic reform. It has also been reported that major advertising companies, fearing a decline in brand image due to the spread of fake accounts, are requesting a temporary suspension of advertising on Twitter.

Due to the large number of spoofed accounts on Twitter, major advertising agencies also recommend customers to ``stop advertising on Twitter''-GIGAZINE

In the current situation where advertisers are leaving Twitter one after another as described above, it became clear that SpaceX, where Mr. Mask is CEO, has newly purchased more than $ 160,000 in Twitter advertising space. According to CNBC, the advertising space purchased by SpaceX is called 'takeover', and companies that purchase takeover can post brand images at the top of the Twitter timeline for one day. SpaceX plans to show Starlink ads in Australia and Spain through a deal with Twitter.

Asked about the deal between Twitter and SpaceX, Musk said, ``SpaceX's Starlink purchased a small (not large) advertising package to verify the effectiveness of Twitter advertising in Australia and Spain. We also made similar deals with Google, ”he claims that Twitter's ad space purchase was part of an advertising test involving Google, Facebook, and others.

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