PETA accuses home food service HelloFresh for ``forcing monkeys to work''

PETA, an animal welfare organization, has issued a statement accusing the German food kit delivery service HelloFresh for using Thai coconut milk obtained by working monkeys. PETA, which investigated the issue, claims that the chained monkeys are forced to work long hours and has called for a boycott of the food produced.

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HelloFresh Under Fire: Suppliers Caught Forcing Chained Monkeys to Pick Coconuts | PETA

HelloFresh accused of using coconut milk obtained from monkey labor - CBS News

A PETA Asia investigation found that monkeys were being used to harvest coconuts at 57 establishments in nine provinces in Thailand. At these establishments, monkeys were chained and deprived of their freedom, and animal cruelty such as beating and whipping was observed.


In the Thai coconut industry, it has been found that monkeys are exploited as labor, and under international pressure, the Thai government has forced domestic companies to use monkeys to harvest products for export. I have notified you not to use coconuts that have been used. However, the study found that the monkeys were still forced to work, putting them at risk of injury from falling out of trees and being stung by bees, and that there were cases of broken bones due to the chains being pulled too hard. turned out to be


In addition, even when the monkeys were not working, they were kept in poor environments, such as in cages, on garbage, and in water areas where there was only a place for tires hung from trees.


PETA claims that despite being an endangered species, many of the monkeys were juveniles removed from their wild monkey families.

“Monkeys are chained around their necks and forced to work day after day,” said Tracy Lyman, PETA Executive Vice President, in a statement. I call on the people of Thailand not to buy Thai coconut milk cans until the monkeys are no longer abused,' and requested a boycott.


In response to this report, HelloFresh said, ``We strongly condemn the use of monkey labor in our supply chain, we will not procure ingredients from suppliers found to be using monkeys, and we will not procure ingredients from those companies. We take a strict stance that we do not handle coconut products.In addition, we are asking all suppliers around the world, including the United States, to submit documents confirming that they do not engage in such acts.'

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