'North Paw' which makes it possible to always know which one is 'North' without a compass

When you look at your location on a map, you need to check the north, south, east, and west, but you need a compass to recognize which direction is north and which direction is east in an unfamiliar land. 'North Paw' is a wearable device that senses and tells you the north, and if you wear it, you can understand the direction in seconds without a compass.

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North Paw is an anklet-shaped device developed by Sensebirdge, a research group in California, with eight cell phone vibrators attached. When the control unit senses magnetic north, the vibrator trembles, and it is designed so that only one vibrator is always on, and the vibrator closest to the north vibrates.

The wearer learns to sense the vibrations of the North Paw at their ankles and associates those vibrations with direction, giving them an intuitive sense of the direction of the north. You can't recognize the direction unless you take out a normal compass and check it, but North Paw, which tells you the direction by vibration, doesn't need to be taken out and checked like a compass. Sensebridge says, 'Since directional information is input into the brain at a subconscious level, you can acquire an absolute sense of direction.'

This North Paw was originally based on the research (PDF file) of Professor Julia Vash of Osnabrück University in Germany. In Professor Vash's research, it was developed as a belt to wrap around the waist instead of an anklet, and it is reported that wearing it for 6 weeks gave a sense of direction.

North Paw is made of circuit boards, cloth belts, motors for vibrators, battery packs, and various parts, and assembly kits including chargers are sold for $ 149 (about 20,000 yen). It is said that the shipping fee is required separately, but it is unknown whether it is possible to ship to Japan.

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Also, since the blueprints and source code of North Paw are published below, you can collect and make parts yourself without purchasing a kit.

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