Bicycle navigator "BeeLine" which tells only the direction to the destination simply by interlocking with the smartphone

Many people use smartphones to navigate routes during cycling and porting, but it is troublesome to take out smartphones when checking on a corner, and it is more dangerous on the road than anything else There are a lot of things involved. It seems to me to solve such a problem by attaching it to the handle bar and indicating the direction to the destination point with an arrow "BeeLine"is.

BeeLine - smart navigation for bicycles, made simple by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam - Kickstarter

BeeLine is a bicycle navigation developed by British Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam. It seems that the two of themselves liked bicycles are devices that have been developed as a navigation device that is more convenient than the conventional bicycle navigation system.

BeeLine is a device like a round watch and it is designed to be mounted around the handle of the bicycle. An acceleration sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, and a gyro sensor are mounted in the main body so that you can grasp the direction you are facing. Display provided at the top is not liquid crystal, but E-paper used for e-book reader etc.Electronic paper) Is adopted, it is possible to continue to use for about a month if it is a general use just by charging once.

In this way, use a silicon band wrapped around the handle and fixed.

It is like this while riding. The arrow shows the direction and distance to the destination, after that we just decide the route and run as it is. As the direction of the bicycle changes, the arrows are also linked, so it is OK if you run around here while checking the direction you want to go.

BeeLine works in cooperation with an application provided for Android terminal and iOS terminal. Because map data is used for map data, it is always appreciated that the latest data can be used. In addition to being able to set a goal point by tapping a map, it is also possible to set a way point in the middle like the image below.

Since the main body has waterproof performance, it can be used without problems if it is somewhat rainy. However, since the main unit has a Micro - USB terminal for charging, it seems better to avoid situations like getting wet.

When you are not using navigation, there is a mode to display the remaining battery charge and the current vehicle speed on the E paper display, or you can simply use it instead of a clock. Of course, this display depends on the software, so there are possibilities that more functions will be loaded in the future.

When not in use you can safely remove it from the bicycle. By setting it in the case it is possible to guard the screen from damage. Aluminum buckle is attached to the belt, so you can use it like a key ring.

The strap is made of stretchable silicon, and it can correspond to various kinds of bicycles. The color is basically set to gray, but in the future it is planned to set colorful colors by recruiting hope.

In addition, the scene in which BeeLine actually moves can also be seen in the following movies.

BeeLine is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 60,000 pounds (about 11 million yen) of the target amount, about 83,000 pounds (about 15 million yen) contributions are gathered from over 1,800 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

Early Bird Plan, an early investment discount discount system, already has a frame, but you can get 1 BeeLine with 39 pounds (about 7200 yen) investment. With a capital of 45 pounds (about 8300 yen), it is possible to get a set of BeeLine and an original design T-shirt or knit cap, and a further investment of 69 pounds (about 13,000 yen) and two sets of BeeLine It is possible to get "Christmas · Tandem · Pack" which became it. Furthermore, if you add 10 pounds per BeeLine (about 1850 yen), you can engrave and process your name and message etc.

For shipping to Japan, a postage of 10 pounds (about 1850 yen) is required separately. The deadline of investment is Japan time at 23:56 on November 27, 2015 (Friday), the shipping time is scheduled around August 2016.

BeeLine - smart navigation for bicycles, made simple by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam - Kickstarter

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