How did the color sample "PANTONE (Pantone)" become the global standard of "color"?

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Professional designers, Toyo InkCOLOR FINDEROr, Germany · HKS ofColor GuideWe designate the color to use for design based on the color name and color number of the "color swatch book" such as "Color Swatches" etc, but the one widely used in the world in the color swatch book is "PANTONE(Panton) ". The Atlantic of the news site reveals the story of the birth of Panton and the circumstances to become a color sample of the world standard.

How Pantone Became a Global Authority on Color - The Atlantic

Pantone's color swatch book "Pantone matching system" is a rectangular mount with color, color name, color number written on it, and the designer created as a means for clearly communicating colors to printing shops and dyeing craftsmen It was done.

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In the first place, when people perceive color, they are affected by the kind of materials such as paper, cloth, wall, light hit, weather, time and so on. Also, differences in color acceptance will also create differences for each individual's color cognitive abilities. For example, even when saying "blueness is blue" in a bite, the shading and feeling of "blue" is based on each subjectivity. Therefore, in 1963, Lawrence Herbert of the American devised a method to decide the standard rule of color by accurately specifying the shading of the ink. With this method, it is possible to specify color precisely by color number without being influenced by how the light hits and other situations, and when graphic, fashion, interior designers use colors, That's why you can tell if you are talking about "blue".

After that, Mr. Herbert acquired the company he had served on, based on the revenue earned in the color swatch book, renamed the company name "Panton". It is a coined word meaning "all colors" made by matching tone meaning "tint". Based on the color of Pantone, various companies use color numbers to keep product brandness. For example, the red color of Coca-Cola can be represented by "PANTONE 484" by Pantone's color number and the green color of Starbucks by "PANTONE 3298", and it can be said that by the color number it is possible to unify the same color all over the world Is possible.

Panton's color swatch book spread to all over the world will be held in New YorkFashion Weekis. During the fashion week, designers were carrying around Panton's color swatches around the venue and bus stops, so Pantone became famous by touching the eyes of many people.

Pantone is a multicolor mobile phone that collaborated with SOFTBANK in Japan "PANTONEThat name is well known. Pantone's official website also sells mugs and iPhone cases featuring a color swatch book as a concept.

Pantone Universe Home: Mugs, Travel Cups & amp; More

Besides miscellaneous goods, Belgian Brussels also has a hotel that imagined the color swatches of Panton. Ron Potesky, senior vice president of Panton, says, "I am surprised that Panton himself had such brand power so far."

Boutique hotel Brussels - Design Hotel in Belgium - Pantone Hotel

Mr. Potesky comments "Panton's most unique and practical item among collaborative products" is a color scrub for hospitals sold in Japan. Scrub was originally used as a surgical wear, and scrubs such as green and blue which were complementary to "red" of blood existed. So, besides surgical gowns, "color scrubs" worn by medical staff instead of white coats were developed using colorful Pantone color swatches.

PANTONE color scrub | Fork Ltd.

In France, there is a project called "Panto'N'Roll" which expresses Panton's color sample by contemporary pop song name, for example, based on the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine', yellow PANTONE 129 C is "Submarine "Blue suede shoes" based on Elvis Presley's cover song "Blue Suede Shoes" and the light blue PANTONE 299 C is named "SUEDE SHOES".

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Pantone has patents on 1755 color print sample, 2310 color fashion / furniture / interior color sample, now it is better to use items based on Pantone's color sample book than color sample usage fee Has penetrated the market. Not only items but also the design themselves refer to Panton's color swatch book, for example the design of "Listen Now" feature of Google Play Music is good for Pantone's color swatch book layout similar.

Anne Quito, a reporter at The Atlantic, said, "As the word 'Kodak' was synonymous with 'photo' in the 1900's, 'Panton' will spread as a word indicating color diversity "I commented.

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